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D4 Random Ocean Encounters

  1. The party sees a strange creature in the water swimming toward their ship. It appears to be a horse with fins instead of legs and a tail instead of a horse's tail. It is actually a sea horse named Hilda who wants to join the party and help them fight evil sea creatures like herself.

  2. The players spot a light in the distance. It looks like it is coming from a ship. The players will board the ship, and find a treasure chest with a glowing orb inside it. The orb attacks the party with psionic attacks.

  3. The ship is attacked by a giant octopus! The tentacles wrap around the ship and try to pull it under water. The creature is not native to this world and is from another dimension.

  4. The players see an island of black stone in the distance and decide to investigate it. There is a cave in the island filled with kobolds who are trying to dig their way out of the island and attack the players if they get too close to their hole.

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