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D4 Random City Encounters

  1. A group of children are playing a game where they pretend that they are adventurers who are fighting against a dragon in an underground dungeon filled with treasure and magic items and traps and monsters and all of that good stuff.

  2. A man is selling maps to adventurers or traders. The maps show that the area just beyond the next mountain pass is full of treasure, but this information is false. The man is actually an assassin who is trying to lure his targets into an easy kill zone.

  3. A woman is trying to sell a basket of flowers.

  4. A group of children are playing with a large, brightly colored ball. They offer it to anyone who wants to play with them.

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Create a deadly environment or use the site to just get ideas that you can spin positive or negative. This site is just meant to foster ideas that a creative DM can mold into role-playing magic. Whether it's a monster or treasure, the materials on this site with have you dancing in joy as your put your hands in the air.

Feel free to change any portions of the content to fit your needs. You can change one race to another race, for example. Or have a character of one race meeting another type of character instead of what the AI and I came up with for the encounter on this site. At the end of the day, I just want you to have fun...

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