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D4 Random Dungeon Encounters

  1. A group of 1d4+4 orcs are playing a game of chance where they roll two d20s and bet on which one rolls higher than the other one. Players can join in on the game and if they win, they can take whatever the orcs have won from them. If players try to cheat or steal from them, they will be attacked.

  2. You see a group of 1d4+4 dwarves and 2 humans led by a dwarf named Grimbard. The dwarves and humans are on their way to a nearby dwarven fortress, hoping to warn their kinsmen about an incoming goblin horde.

  3. The sound of rushing water can be heard through the door. The sound is faint, but there is definitely something going on in the next room.

  4. The players find a large cavern with a pool of water in the center. A mermaid is lounging on the rocks by the pool. She will offer to tell the players one of three stories:

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