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D1 Random Crypt Encounters

  1. A group of cultists are praying to their dark god. If players disturb them, they will fight back.

  2. The party hears strange noises coming from a nearby room. If they investigate, they find a large room with several cages in it. Inside the cages are mice and rats. They are making noises. If they notice anything unusual about the cages, they find that they are illusions.

  3. The players hear a man singing about his lost love. He is sitting on the ground with a bottle of wine in his hand.

  4. Overhead, a small bat circles the party. It is watching for a chance to attack.

  5. A group of 2d6 giant rats are running away from something, toward the party. It is a group of 2d4 gnolls, who are attacking the rats.

  6. Players hear chanting. Upon further investigation, they see a group of cultists sacrificing a young woman. If the players interfere, they will be attacked by the cultists, who are protected by a shield of darkness spell.

  7. A group of 3d4 cultists are in this room, worshiping a statue of Vecna. They will attack the players if they try to disturb the ceremony.

  8. A group of 4 ghouls attack from behind.

  9. A group of cultists are gathered, chanting and praying to their dark god. They will attack anyone who interrupts their ritual.

  10. The party hears muffled noises coming from behind a door… If they go to investigate they will find a group of 4d6 zombies held in cages… They will try to break out if they hear sounds coming from outside their cage… These zombies were being held as prisoners by a mad wizard and were turned into zombies after being experimented upon by the wizard…

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