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D1 Random Crypt Encounters

  1. Players come across a room where a man who is wearing a red robe is sitting in a chair. The man is drinking wine from a goblet. If players talk to him, he will say 'I am the red wizard. I have come to this crypt to await the coming of the Vampire Lord. Are you here to stop me?'

  2. A group of 2d6 ghouls are shuffling along this area, looking for living creatures to attack and eat.

  3. An ooze attacks!

  4. A group of 3 giant spiders attack from behind.

  5. The players hear a low, throaty growl coming from one of the tombs. They see a dim light coming from the tomb. If they investigate, they will find a werewolf, who has recently transformed and is still weak. He will beg the players to kill him.

  6. The party comes to a room with several small statues of a strange god. If the players touch them, they will animate and attack.

  7. The party sees a group of three men approaching them. The men are dressed as priests and are carrying a large wooden box. The men approach the party and ask them to help them find the whereabouts of an escaped prisoner who is hiding out in the cemetery. This is a ruse to get the party to follow them to the vampire's tomb, where they will be attacked by the vampire and his minions.

  8. The party sees a door on one side of the hallway. The door has a sign on it that says 'Danger: Keep Out!'

  9. The party hears a noise behind them. When they turn around, they see nothing. When they turn back around, a ghoul is standing there and attacks!

  10. A man is running away from a group of zombies. He is carrying a coffin filled with treasure.

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