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D1 Random Crypt Encounters

  1. The players come across a group of 2d6+2 kobolds who are hunting for food. They will attack if they discover the players.

  2. A group of 1d4 giant spiders are scurrying around this room.

  3. In the next chamber, they find a powerful lich trying to use a magical ritual to resurrect an ancient evil. They must decide whether to help or hinder the lich before it is too late.

  4. The players come across a room containing a powerful magical staff. When touched, the staff imbues its wielder with magical powers.

  5. Along the walls, they discover ancient murals portraying mythical creatures alongside this riddle: "It cannot be seen, it cannot be felt, it cannot be heard, it cannot be smelt. It lies behind stars and under hills, and empty holes it fills. It comes first and follows after, ends life, kills laughter. What is it?" Answering "darkness" makes one of the murals shift, revealing a hidden passageway.

  6. The players come across a chamber filled with evil-looking statues. If they investigate, they will find that the statues are actually animated golems.

  7. The sound of a battle can be heard in this room. Upon further investigation, players will see 2d4 skeletons fighting 2d4 hobgoblins. If the players enter, the fight will stop and the hobgoblins and skeletons will join forces against the players.

  8. A group of 2d4 wererats are attacking a group of 2d4 gnolls.

  9. A wizard is in the middle of a ritual. If disturbed, he will attack.

  10. The party finds a necromancer's lair, dark rituals still resonating in the air. The necromancer's experiments left behind twisted, animated corpse golems that now roam the area.

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