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D1 Random Crypt Encounters

  1. The players find a large chamber filled with strange alchemical ingredients. If they investigate further, they will find that the ingredients are actually part of a powerful ritual that will grant great power to anyone who completes it.

  2. A group of 1d6+3 soldiers are walking down a hall. They are on patrol and looking for any intruders in this area or any nearby areas. If the players approach them, they will question them and then let them continue on their way if they have permission to be in this tomb or not.

  3. You enter a room and find a group of vampires attempting to turn a group of adventurers into vampires.

  4. A group of 1d4 orcs are torturing a captured Halfling. They are trying to get him to confess to being a spy for the humans.

  5. The players come across an ornate tomb. The tomb has been freshly opened. The lid has been moved aside, but there is no body inside. If players search the tomb, they will find an iron chest inside, which contains the body of a man who has been turned into a zombie.

  6. The players come across a group of imps. The imps will offer the players a magical item in exchange for a magical favor.

  7. A large, empty suit of armor stands in the corner. It is enchanted to attack anyone who attacks the person who owns it.

  8. The party enters a room and finds a strange altar with a strange gemstone in the center. If they investigate further, they will find that the gemstone is actually a powerful artifact that will grant its owner control over the undead.

  9. You enter a room and find a group of undead creatures shuffling around, searching for living victims.

  10. The players see a group of 2d6 humans who are preparing for battle. They are readying weapons and armor. One of the humans looks like a priest and he is chanting prayers to God for victory in battle.

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