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D1 Random Crypt Encounters

  1. The party comes across a large tower with five levels of dungeons beneath it that were created by an evil necromancer named Xaelon Xallisar, who was later killed in an uprising of the people of the kingdom against him by his own people for creating and unleashing an evil taint upon them all. As you delve deep into the dungeons, you will find some terrible monsters that were once human that were turned into monsters by him and his experiments upon them from experimenting upon them with vile magic to create powerful undead soldiers for him to use as his army against the kingdom!

  2. The party finds a large room with several beds in it. All of the beds have sheets on them. If the party investigates, they find the sheets are made of human skin. A strange man named Erasmus Grout is hiding under one of the beds. He is a necromancer and has been sleeping on the sheets because they are so comfortable. He will ask to join the party if he is discovered.

  3. A group of 1d6 dwarves are gambling. They will attack if they think they have a chance of winning.

  4. The tunnel ends in a dead end. If the party tries to go through the wall, they will find that it is a magical wall. If they attack the wall, they will find that it's an illusion. It's actually an empty room.

  5. The players hear grinding and crunching sounds coming from one of the tombs. If they investigate, they will find a vampire gnawing on a corpse.

  6. A group of cultists are gathered, chanting and praying to their dark god. They will attack anyone who interrupts their ritual.

  7. A group of 2d6 cultists approaches. They are armed with swords and shields. They will attack the players. If they are killed, another group of 2d6 cultists will approach. This will continue until the players leave.

  8. You enter a room and find a group of fire elementals attempting to incinerate a group of adventurers in the room.

  9. The party finds a room full of strange and powerful magical artifacts. If they investigate further, they will discover that the artifacts are actually cursed. If they use them, they will be cursed with horrible consequences.

  10. Players find a small room with a pool of water in the center. A giant eel is swimming around in the pool, waiting to attack anyone who enters the room.

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