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D1 Random Crypt Encounters

  1. Up ahead, the party sees three large tombstones sticking out of the ground at random angles with strange markings on them that no one can read or recognize (they look like gibberish). Suddenly, the tombstones start to move, revealing long tentacle-like appendages beneath them which lash out at nearby characters and deal 2d6 points of damage per tentacle per round until they are destroyed or all three are killed.

  2. A group of 1d4 hobgoblins are sitting around a table. They are playing cards and betting on their game. If players approach, they will attack them with their cards as weapons.

  3. A group of 2d8 orcs is running down the hallway, away from something the players cannot see. They will not stop to talk to the players.

  4. A group of 4d4+4 zombies are trying to dig their way into a nearby tomb. They are currently working on it. The players can help them by not fighting them for 1d4 hours. If they do this, then the zombies will give the players some treasure. If they do not, then the zombies will attack.

  5. A strange noise can be heard coming from a nearby room. If they investigate, they find a small room with several books in it. The books are filled with strange and unusual spells and magic. A strange man named Erasmus Grout is hiding in the room. He is a necromancer who is studying the spells and magic in the room's books. If he is discovered, he will attack the party with spells and summon undead minions to fight for him.

  6. The party hears muffled noises coming from behind a door… If they go to investigate they will find a group of 4d6 zombies held in cages… They will try to break out if they hear sounds coming from outside their cage… These zombies were being held as prisoners by a mad wizard and were turned into zombies after being experimented upon by the wizard…

  7. A group of 3d4 zombies are wandering around the hall, looking for fresh meat to devour.

  8. A group of 4d4 skeletons are dancing around a bonfire. They are celebrating their victory against four mid-level adventurers. They will attack if players get too close.

  9. A group of 2d6 skeletons are praying to their god. They will attack players if they disturb them.

  10. A group of 2d6 skeletons are talking about their plans to overthrow the local lord. They will not talk to players but instead attack them on sight.

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