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D1 Random Crypt Encounters

  1. The players come across a small alcove containing a magical sword. When held, the sword grants the wielder increased strength and speed, but at the cost of their soul.

  2. In the following chamber, the adventurers come across a group of gnolls. The gnolls will ignore the adventurers unless provoked.

  3. The players see a bridge spanning a gorge. The bridge is broken in the middle. There is a sign next to the bridge that reads, "Bridge Out."

  4. The crypt houses a vampiric conclave meeting. The gathering descends into chaos upon the adventurers’ arrival, leading to a battle with a horde of bloodthirsty undead.

  5. In a large chamber can be found a powerful and mysterious creature who will challenge the players to a magical duel.

  6. A group of 4d4+4 zombies are trying to dig their way into a nearby tomb. They are currently working on it. The players can help them by not fighting them for 1d4 hours. If they do this, then the zombies will give the players some treasure. If they do not, then the zombies will attack.

  7. The party comes across an old graveyard. A small, human-looking man is digging in the ground. He is actually an undead ogre. He won't attack until he's disturbed. If he's attacked, he will summon 3d6 other undead ogres to fight for him.

  8. The adventurers find themselves in a room where a powerful wizard is casting a powerful spell. The adventurers must decide if they will intervene or try to sneak past the wizard.

  9. There is a small mushroom forest growing in the middle of the room. If any player eats a mushroom, they will become a zombie under the control of the DM for 1d6 hours.

  10. A party of adventurers is standing around arguing about whether or not there is a vampire in the tomb. The party is standing around in front of the tomb door. They do not want to open it because they think there might be a vampire inside.

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