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200+ D&D Random Elemental Plane of Air Encounter Ideas

D1 Random Elemental Plane of Air Encounters

  1. A massive bird is being attacked by giant eagles. The players can choose to help the bird, the eagles, or no one.

  2. The party comes across a powerful beholder, floating in the sky. It attacks the party with its eye beams if they do not flee.

  3. An airship appears above the players. Six uniformed sailors are on deck, ready to capture the players! The sailors are the survivors of an attack on their airship by a group of pirates that look like they're wearing kites. The pirates will try to steal all of the players' possessions and force them to walk the plank!

  4. A violent thunderhead appears overhead and begins to rain down on the players. A lightning bolt strikes nearby.

  5. The ground beneath the party's feet turns to ice and they slip around for one round before regaining balance. This only happens once.

  6. You come across an area where there is a powerful wind that can cause objects to move without touching them. It can also lift creatures and objects into the air if they don’t make a successful Strength saving throw.

  7. A mad wizard is flying through the air, screaming about how he's been wronged by the party's hometown of Red Larch. He will attack with lightning, shouting about how he's been persecuted for his scientific beliefs and he deserves to be respected for his genius. If the party does not strike him down, he will continue to yell about his persecution for a full minute before realizing he's been making a fool of himself and leaving.

  8. The players come across an area filled with clouds and strong winds. If they fly high enough, they can experience the sensation of flying in the air elemental plane.

  9. The party is attacked by a giant air elemental that attempts to suffocate them with its powerful breath.

  10. A group of sentient lightning bolts are striking around an old tree, trying to get it to grow new branches.

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