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200+ D&D Random Elemental Plane of Air Encounter Ideas

D1 Random Elemental Plane of Air Encounters

  1. The players are shocked to see that the sun has turned black! Then, it bursts into flame! The players turn around to see that the sun has actually turned into a black sphere that is one hundred miles across! It is consuming the world!

  2. A group of cultists are being attacked by a storm elemental and a lightning elemental. This is not a good situation for the players.

  3. A large tornado is approaching. It is 1d6 miles away and it can be seen by players. If players attack it with magic or missiles, it will turn on them and attack them for 1d4 rounds before moving on.

  4. A massive cloud banks up in front of the party. It grows darker, lightning flashes from it and thunder crashes from it. A huge djinn soars through the air on lightning bolts and attacks the party.

  5. A bolt of lightning strikes nearby.

  6. Icy crystals form on the players' hair and clothes.

  7. Two powerful wizards, who are teammates, are fighting each other over a disagreement they had earlier in the day. One of them is trying to get back at the other one by using an illusion to make it look like they're fighting an evil wizard who uses dark magic and is trying to take over the world.

  8. The party hears a faraway voice say, ‘Life is in the wind…’

  9. A loud rushing sound can be heard from nearby. It is a pack of 2d6+2 flying dire wolves racing by. They are hunting for game.

  10. A powerful warm front makes its way through the area, bringing with it a strong wind and hot temperatures with it. The strong wind will blow for 1d8+4 rounds and will bring along with it a firestorm of 1d8+4 rounds, with each round lasting for 1d4 rounds and dealing 1d6 fire damage to anyone caught out in it, as well as igniting anything not made of stone or metal.

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