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200+ D&D Random Elemental Plane of Air Encounter Ideas

D1 Random Elemental Plane of Air Encounters

  1. Two groups of 2d6+2 efreeti are fighting against each other. They will attack the party if they notice them.

  2. An elf is being chased by a giant eagle.

  3. Players encounter a group of air elementals battling a group of fire elementals. The battle will be ongoing. If the players help, the creatures will be grateful and give the players a limited ability to summon an elemental of their choice, once per day.

  4. A lone cloud giant is floating in the distance, throwing lightning bolts at passing birds for fun. If the party gets too close, they will become the target of his amusement.

  5. The party sees two air elementals fighting over a large piece of silk. The silk has been torn into two pieces by the two elementals, and they are fighting over who gets which piece. If the party gets involved, the elementals will attack them as well.

  6. A group of 3d8+3 elemental birds attack the airship, trying to bring it down so they can eat the wreckage.

  7. A man named Pencor is walking the streets. He is looking for a 'wizard'. He is a wizard. If he meets the 'wizard' he will swear him or her into service as a wizard of the god of justice.

  8. An enormous Roc flies through the sky, its talons clutching a magical artifact.

  9. You come across an area where there is a powerful wind that can cause objects to move without touching them. It can also lift creatures and objects into the air if they don’t make a successful Strength saving throw.

  10. Pterodaemon (

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