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D1 Random Elemental Plane of Fire Encounters

  1. A group of friendly salamanders are cooking a feast on a giant lava rock. They offer to share the meal with the party, but it may be a bit too spicy for some.

  2. The party finds a group of fire zombies who are controlled by a powerful fire necromancer. They must defeat the necromancer to free the zombies from their fiery curse.

  3. An army of thousands of fire elementals is training and preparing to attack.

  4. Rimefire beetles are attacking a group of humans and half-elves. They are giant 6-legged insects with fire around their mouths and claws.

  5. A group of 2d4+4 fire elementals attack the players. They are led by a red dragon.

  6. Two gem golems attack! These creatures have glowing gems for eyes and have been programmed to attack anything that approaches. They each have a stone sword that does 2d8 damage and has a +3 bonus to hit and damage everything made of stone - including other golems!

  7. In the middle of a blazing forest, the players stumble upon a group of fire drakes playing a game of hot potato with a flaming sphere. Joining in on the game could lead to some fiery consequences.

  8. A fiery vortex swirls around the characters, trapping them in place.

  9. Stone Giant : A stone giant is stomping around in the forest. If the characters get too close, they will be attacked.

  10. The players stumble upon a powerful Efreeti who is offering to sell them a powerful artifact for a high price. But is the artifact truly what it seems, or is there a catch?

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