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D1 Random Elemental Plane of Fire Encounters

  1. A group of 2d4+4 fire elementals attack the players. They are led by a fire giant.

  2. A group of halflings are cooking and eating a giant lizard. The halflings will offer food and shelter to the players if they offer to help with their task of hunting lizards.

  3. A fire elemental is traveling along the side of a road. It is carrying a large number of hot coals in its hands.

  4. You stumble across a giant archway with a fire elemental chained to it. It will challenge the characters to a battle if they try to pass through the archway.

  5. A cloud of smoke surrounds the party, concealing all sight. After 1d6 rounds, they hear the sound of a raging fire. A red dragon is smothering the area in smoke (which will be removed after the dragon attacks).

  6. You stumble across a group of fire elementals locked in battle with a dragon.

  7. A group of fire elementals are watching a giant make a half-elf/half-elven staff.

  8. A massive, swirling vortex of fire in the sky. It is so large that the characters can see it from miles away.

  9. Smoke wafts from an open window. When the players approach, a lizardfolk offers them a 'magic gem' for 20 silver pieces. The gem is worth 10 silver pieces.

  10. A group of elves with their elemental servants pass by on the road. They are on their way to the elven city on a mission to seek an alliance with another elven kingdom.

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