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D1 Random Elemental Plane of Fire Encounters

  1. A phoenix lands on the ground, its feathers burning. It croaks and then dissolves into ash.

  2. Two red dragons are fighting over a pile of treasure. They attack any living thing that enters their territory, preferring to fight each other before they will fight other creatures.

  3. A party of 3d8 orcs are hunting for game in this area. They are protected by a fire elemental sentry.

  4. A group of 2d4+4 efreeti are hunting in the desert. They are looking for humans to capture and bring back to their city as slaves. They will attack the players if they see them or if they attack first.

  5. A group of 2d10+10 orcs are searching for treasure in a nearby ruin. They are protected by a magical darkness that causes blindness if someone tries to look inside the ruin without permission from the orcs.

  6. A group of 3d6 orcs are fighting a group of 4d6 dwarves. If the players intervene, the orcs will attack them.

  7. A group of 2d4+4 dwarves are celebrating their latest dig by drinking and partying all night long. If the players join in, they will be paid 2d20 gold pieces each... but they'll also have to dig a new tunnel to get out of the mine because the diggers will be too drunk to leave otherwise.

  8. A man and a woman are arguing in the street. The woman says that she wants to get married with the man, but the man is refusing to do so because he says she has too many relatives and he doesn't want that many people at his wedding.

  9. The party stumbles upon a group of imps who are arguing about whether or not they should summon a Beholder to help them with their task, which is to dig tunnels beneath the mountains so that the demons in the volcano can escape before it erupts and destroys all life on this plane.

  10. An air elemental attacks! It is made of fire! This can be a dangerous encounter if the players are not prepared for it.

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