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D1 Random Elemental Plane of Fire Encounters

  1. Large, solidified magma platforms act as stepping stones across vast, flowing rivers of fire.

  2. A lost fire elemental has accidentally merged with a group of gnomes, causing them to burst into flames every time they sneeze. The players must find a way to separate them before they cause any more chaos.

  3. You come upon a lava stream.

  4. Jagged obsidian rock formations jut from the ground, sharp and daunting.

  5. A red dragon is hoarding a large treasure in the middle of a lava lake. The party can try to negotiate with the dragon or attempt to steal the treasure while avoiding the scorching hot lava.

  6. You stumble across a group of fire elementals locked in battle with a dragon.

  7. Some sections of rock are so hot they glow a dull red.

  8. The air shimmers and dances in the intense heat, distorting everything you see.

  9. The remains of a recent battle litter the ground, with the bodies of fallen Lava Dwarves and Ember Knights still smoldering.

  10. A heat distortion reveals an Imperious Fire Basilisk lurking in ambush amongst jagged molten rocks.

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