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D1 Random Elemental Plane of Fire Encounters

  1. A group of Water Elementals battling a group of Fire Elementals.

  2. The party sees a group of 2d4 orcs playing a game of chance with a group of 2d4 goblins. One of the orcs' limbs is on the line. If they lose, a fire elemental will attack them all.

  3. Two giants from different tribes are fighting over territory. Many huge footprints cover the dusty ground, but there is one set of footprints that stand out; they appear to be human sized and belong to a woman wearing high heels that are still shiny even though she has been walking back and forth between the two giant camps for days now...

  4. Wyvern : A huge dragon is flying overhead. It is being pursued by a group of 3d4 wyverns.

  5. A small fire elemental is running through the street, setting things on fire. A wizard is trying to put it out with a water spell.

  6. The player party is attacked by a Fire Elemental that is seeking to avenge the loss of its friend (the lava elemental). The party can buy the elementals friendship if they promise to never attack it.

  7. An enormous dragonborn riding an enormous war-lizard challenges players to fight him in single combat…

  8. An artist has set up his easel to paint his latest and greatest work ever - an Elephant.

  9. A group of 2d8 dwarves are traveling along a road. The group does not look like a group of dwarves.

  10. A group of 1d4+2 elves are mining a gold vein. They are working on a cart filled with gold.

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