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D1 Random Fortress Encounters

  1. Griddler’s Chamber: a large chamber filled with 1d4+2 large, round plants that have stems and vines and hollow, circular leaves. When a high level character touches one of these plants, he is sucked inside, and the plant pulls some of his former body parts into it. If a low level character comes close to a plant and touches it, it throws him up into the air and will attempt to grab onto him. Its hollow leaves grab onto the character, and it draws his body inside of it, digesting him slowly.

  2. The players hear the sounds of an argument coming from a nearby room. If they investigate, they will find a group of guardsmen playing cards to pass the time. The group is made up of half-orcs and humans. They are playing cards for money and ale.

  3. Players find a room full of bookshelves with thousands of books on them. There is an elderly man sitting at a desk in the middle of the room reading one of the books. When he sees the players, he asks them to leave because he's trying to read! He is actually a wizard who has been studying for several years and has forgotten what sunlight looks like! He thinks he's been reading for several minutes when in reality it's been several years!

  4. Vampires! A group of 1d6 vampires are hiding in the room. They will try to catch the PCs by surprise.

  5. The players see a group of soldiers and a priest. They are escorting a witch to the dungeons. She is wailing and screaming and trying to escape. She is actually a spy for a nearby kingdom that is pretending to be a witch and is trying to find out as much information about this kingdom as she can by bluffing her way through the castle.

  6. The sound of chattering and scraping claws can be heard coming from a nearby room. It sounds like it could be rats or badgers, but it's hard to tell...

  7. Two old men are arguing about the recent arrival of the witch and the curse she has placed on the village. They will warn the players about the witch's mirror and about the witch's true intentions.

  8. A group of robed wizards are chanting and preparing for a spell - if disturbed, they will attack the party.

  9. The players hear groaning. It is coming from the room ahead of them. On closer inspection, a man is seen lying on the floor. He is injured and has a book in his hand. It is a book of magic. A player will have to heal him before he can be questioned. His name is John and he will give the players information about the fortress and its leaders. He tells the players that the leader is called 'the Shadow' because he's wearing a large black robe. He also tells them that the Shadow is a mage who knows the summoning ritual for the 'Shadow Dragons'.

  10. An old woman is selling mushrooms. They are actually shriek lily bulbs. She is an agent of the dark elves. Her name is Buxomoolah and she can be bribed to reveal secret information about the fortress.

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