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D1 Random Fortress Encounters

  1. A group of goblins are hiding in the room. They see the PCs, and panic, thinking they had been discovered.

  2. A group of 2d6+2 thugs are playing with a pet cat they found.

  3. A group of 2d6 men is arguing about their misadventures. They mention a strange fog. One of them has a strange ring.

  4. A group of soldiers are looking for a group of bandits who are hiding in the fortress. The bandits have been raiding nearby villages for the past year and the soldiers need help finding them and killing them.

  5. A group of dwarves is trying to sneak into the fortress through a secret entrance that they found.

  6. A group of drunken dwarves celebrating a day of their heritage.

  7. Two skeletons walk in, carrying a dead man between them. They are holding him like you would hold a person under your armpit. His head is hanging forward and his arms are hanging down. Blood is pouring out of him in a thick stream. The skeletons hold him up in front of the players, and then walk away. The man moved his lips, making no sound. It took the players a few moments before they realized he was trying to say something. "I'm still alive," he said weakly. "Help me," he said, and then died.

  8. A group of 2d6 thieves is trying to break into a room. If they see players, they will attack.

  9. A group of 2d6+2 thugs are passing around a bottle of wine.

  10. A band of 1d6+3 dwarves is hiding in a guard post, hoping to shoot anyone who walks by. They have been stranded here for weeks, and are hoping to find a way off the island before the monsters in the territory eat some of their party.

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