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D1 Random Fortress Encounters

  1. A group of 2d6 orcs is trying to sneak into the fortress through a side entrance. They will attack party if they see them.

  2. A group of 1d4+2 dwarves carrying a large, heavy chest is slowly making his way down a corridor. They are trying to get back to their barracks in the barracks. They will attack anyone that gets in the way.

  3. A group of adventurers are standing around drinking and talking about how dangerous it is to adventure any more because of the creatures that have been terrorizing the countryside lately. They say that it's easier and safer to just hire on as a mercenary in a city's army and wait until you can retire as a wealthy soldier after 20 years or so.

  4. A group of 1d4+3 dwarves are standing guard in a hallway. They are members of a dwarven mercenary company that was hired by the king of the fortress to defend it.

  5. A group of 1d4+2 soldiers is standing guard by a door. They are looking tense and nervous. They are waiting for an important person to pass through the door behind them.

  6. A group of men are practicing fighting with their swords. They are wearing suits of full plate armor. The suits are so heavy that they can only practice for short periods of time.

  7. The sound of chattering and scraping claws can be heard coming from a nearby room. It sounds like it could be rats or badgers, but it's hard to tell...

  8. The players find a room full of spiders. They are crawling on everything: the floor, the ceiling, the walls, the furniture, and even the people. The spiders are normal size, but they are all black, and they are all alive. The spiders are also telepathic and can communicate with each other, although they don't speak any known language.

  9. A group of orcs are challenging everyone who attempts to enter the fortress to single combat.

  10. A group of 2d6+2 dwarves is trying to dig through the walls of the fortress to get to other buildings.

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