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D1 Random Fortress Encounters

  1. In a dusty old study, the players meet Elemir, a reclusive enchanter who is missing his spellbook. Elemir can enchant their items but only if the players help him find his missing tome.

  2. A group of dwarves are arguing about how many midgets it takes to make a midget worth a damn. If pressured, they will attack.

  3. A group of men are trying to sell a goat. The goat is actually very old, but they are trying to pass it off as being young and strong.

  4. X the Minotaur, who is carrying the gates to the city in his hands, is pounding on the gates to get out of the city. He is trying to get to the Mines of Maratos to rescue one of his friends. He is very stubborn and is not willing to listen to anyone in the city. He will listen to the players because he believes that they also want to rescue his friend. He tells the players, 'My friend is in the mines. The mines are located below this city, and the fairy Lilli is the only one who knows how to get in. Tell Lilli that the Minotaur said to make an opening in the rocks, and to bring some light.'

  5. A servant hurriedly repairs a ripped tapestry.

  6. A group of 2d4 guards are walking down a hallway talking about their families at home. They stop and stare at a painting on the wall for a long time before continuing on their way.

  7. Cockroach: normal in appearance although it appears to be "walking" faster than an ordinary cockroach. It makes a slightly higher-pitched sound when it walks.

  8. A servant is arranging seating in the dining hall for an upcoming feast.

  9. A group of 2d6 soldiers are selling pictures to passing civilians. They have pictures of beautiful women.

  10. A servant is sweeping the grand staircase.

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