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D1 Random Fortress Encounters

  1. Several men are standing around talking about how they have to fight off an attack by a nearby city.

  2. A group of men are sitting in a circle playing a game of cards. They will attack if players try to interrupt their game.

  3. A group of halflings is arguing over whether or not they should help a dwarf named Torin find his battle axe.

  4. A group of 2d6+2 thugs are talking about their plans for the next few days. If players don't ask, they won't tell. They do know about a nearby dungeon though, but they aren't sure if its open right now or not.

  5. A group of street entertainers will offer to take the party to see the Thief Lord. They will charge the party a large fee, and then lead them through a series of back alleys, which will eventually lead them to a house where they will be robbed.

  6. A group of men dressed as swordsmen walk down the road. They are arguing about their swordsmanship and about how well they can wield their swords.

  7. An old woman is selling mushrooms. They are actually shriek lily bulbs. She is an agent of the dark elves. Her name is Buxomoolah and she can be bribed to reveal secret information about the fortress.

  8. A group of 2d6+2 elves is trying to break into the armory. They promise to pay any players handsomely if they help them.

  9. A group of 1d4+4 soldiers are walking down a hallway. They are on their way to the training yard to practice with their weapons.

  10. A strange cat is walking down the hallway. It is a blue cat with a strange crest of feathers on top of its head.

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