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D1 Random Fortress Encounters

  1. Large Moth; white with dark brown spots, about the size of a small dog. Surprisingly, it is not very threatening in any way.

  2. The fortress is home to a peaceful dragon who has taken on human form. But a group of dragon hunters has tracked her down and is determined to capture her. Can the players protect her secret and defeat the hunters?

  3. In the midst of a heated battle, the players accidentally trigger a trap that releases a swarm of giant bees. They must quickly find a way to escape the bees or risk getting stung and potentially falling unconscious.

  4. A hidden door is found in the courtyard that leads to a secret underground chamber. The chamber is filled with various magical artifacts and objects, but most intriguing is a large, glowing orb in the center. As the players approach, they can hear whispers and see faces forming on the surface of the orb. What secrets does it hold?

  5. As the players enter a room, they suddenly shrink in size, becoming tiny creatures in a giant's room. They must navigate through the room filled with oversized furniture and objects to find a way to return to their original size.

  6. A pack of werewolves is stalking the players as they make their way through the forest. They must either find a way to defeat the werewolves or outrun them before the next full moon.

  7. A group of 2d6+2 thugs are talking about their plans for the next few days. If players don't ask, they won't tell. They do know about a nearby dungeon though, but they aren't sure if its open right now or not.

  8. A male dwarf is seen walking down the hall with a large sack of coins over his shoulder. If the players approach him, he will stop, turn around and say 'Mind your own business'. He then climbs up a rope ladder which is connected to the ceiling and disappears into the darkness above.

  9. A group of mercenaries are having a heated argument over their pay in a hallway. The players can choose to intervene and potentially hire them for their own needs.

  10. A group of 2d6+2 thugs are playing with a pet cat they found.

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