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D4 Random Dungeon Encounters

  1. The party comes across a group of 2d6+2 dwarves who are being attacked by 2d6+2 goblins. The dwarves are trying to set up a defensive position in a small passageway. The dwarves are friendly and will help in any way they can.

  2. The players see a group of 1d4+4 ogres feasting on the corpses of an orc tribe they have just defeated. The ogres will attack the players on sight.

  3. The party hears the sound of chirping birds. When they look up, they see that the chirping is coming from a small bird, trapped in a spider's web. If the party saves the bird, it will fly up and perch on the shoulder of the strongest looking member of the party, and stay with them until they can return it to its nest.

  4. A group of 3d4 orcs are arguing over who gets to be the leader's second-in-command. They are being really loud and obnoxious about it, hoping they will be noticed by their leader.

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