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D4 Random Dungeon Encounters

  1. The players notice a group of 2d6+2 goblins. One of them is riding a giant lizzard. The goblins will attack the players because they are not wearing the proper uniform that identifies them as members of the local goblin tribe.

  2. The air smells of rotting meat and blood. A group of 4d4 armed men are drinking and celebrating a win. They are drunk and will attack.

  3. An old man is sitting on the ground. He is wearing rags and he is dirty and scabby. If the players talk to him, he will ask for help. If the players help him, he will tell them about the 'evil underground cult that is kidnapping people' and then he will try to rob them.

  4. A group of 3d4 gnolls are fighting with a group of 2d4 goblins in a room.

Generated by GPT-3 and lightly edited by a human.

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