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D1 Random Elemental Plane of Water Encounters

  1. The shadow of a kraken passes overhead, its immense shape causing instant hesitation and reverence.

  2. Eelquatch An eelquatch is swimming through the waters. It is about 40' long.

  3. Bioluminescent algae cover the remains of an ancient sea dragon, revealing pathways through the darkness.

  4. A pair of colossal sea serpents have an eternal battle, causing waves and underwater tremors.

  5. Tentacles (in water) A giant squid attacks the party in the water.

  6. A giant octopus attacks the party.

  7. A maelstrom suddenly appears, threatening to suck the party's ship into its depths. They must navigate through the treacherous waters, avoiding debris and sea creatures, to escape its grasp.

  8. At the entrance of a seemingly serene grotto, 3d6 Reef Sharks circle the waters, awaiting prey.

  9. A ship full of merfolk.

  10. A giant squid attacks the party's ship, wrapping its tentacles around the deck and trying to pull them underwater. They must fight it off or risk sinking.

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