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D1 Random Elemental Plane of Water Encounters

  1. The party hears a strange sound of bubbling water. If they investigate, they will find a strange creature, with a strange green glow to it, attacking a group of villagers. It's a high-level sorcerer, who is trying to take over the village.

  2. A group of sea lions are hunting for food. They are hungry and will attack the players if they are attacked first.

  3. A small crab comes up to the players and tells them about a magic wand that landed in the ocean. If the players help him, he will reward them with a magical potion. He's actually trying to trick the players into fighting an eel that has been attacking his village.

  4. A swarm of tiny fish

  5. A large fish about 5 feet long swims past the party. It has a troll-like face on its belly and it has large teeth that are about 1 inch long. If the party attacks it, the fish will attack back with its large tail fin that has a sharp edge on it.

  6. WATER BALLOON FACTORY. A group of Djinns who, for almost as long as the Djinns have been around, have been making water balloons and selling them for some income. They enjoy making water balloons, but it is hard to sell them and make a profit the way things are. The Djinns are unaware that can change, but they like the way things are and don’t care anyways .

  7. The party comes across a group of merfolk. The merfolk are holding a funeral for one of their own, who was killed by a shark. They want to feed the party to the shark as revenge for their fallen comrade.

  8. Leviathan’s Crown: An old merfolk monarch has gone mad. He was wearing a giant crown made from the teeth of a leviathan and as he got closer to death, he went insane and wandered off into the sea. The party finds the merfolk king lying on the ground. If they disturb him, he will attack them.

  9. A giant squid attacks the party.

  10. A giant squid attacks the party.

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