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D1 Random Elemental Plane of Water Encounters

  1. The party comes across a group of pirates. They are riding on a pirate ship that is made out of a giant sea turtle. The pirates are looking for treasure. The pirates believe that the party has treasure. The pirates are willing to attack.

  2. An attack by a group of 2d6 giant morays! The morays attack anyone who comes close.

  3. 1d8 crabs dragging their shells along the ocean floor.

  4. The party stumbles upon an underwater marketplace filled with merchants from all different planes of existence. They can find rare and exotic goods here, but they must be careful not to offend any of the merchants and their unique customs.

  5. A colossal underwater volcano houses a powerful sea giant who guards ancient treasures.

  6. A giant, transparent kraken attacks the party.

  7. A group of pirates are looting a shipwreck. They will fight to the death if players try to stop them from stealing their treasure.

  8. 2d8 flying fish leap out of the water, startled by the party's presence.

  9. The players come across a strange underwater city made entirely out of shells. The inhabitants are friendly at first, but they become hostile if the players try to leave with any of their precious shells.

  10. 1d4 underwater vents emitting warm bubbles.

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