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D1 Random Elemental Plane of Water Encounters

  1. A giant octopus attacks. It can fire a large blast of water.

  2. Xel-Ha is a huge, serpent king that begins the battle as a large, fleshy ooze.

  3. A school of dolphins swims by the players.

  4. Taken for a ride shark.

  5. A ship carrying a group of aquatic elves crash lands into the ocean and sinks. The players find the ship and help the aquatic elves escape from the aquatic orcs who are attacking them.

  6. A party of six merfolk approach the players' ship and request help against a group of sea elves. The merfolk are desperate and will give up their life savings if the players help them.

  7. A group of merfolk are celebrating the death of a King. They are dancing and singing in their underwater kingdom.

  8. Wreathed in water, the party comes across a group of three sailors in small boat. One is large, prone, and sleeping. The other two awake and attack the party. They are sea elves; one male, one female. The female infuses the sea elf male with magic - if he is slain, they're teleported to their underwater city. There they are immune, but vulnerable. The male can teleport them back to the beach. The male must be slain to stop the teleportation. Upon being slain, he and the female disappear. The female can be convinced to surrender, and reveal where their city is. She says it is so far away the party could never find it on their own. If their city is destroyed, they (the female) will drink a vial of poison, and they (the male) will weep and vanish.

  9. A giant, translucent jellyfish attacks.

  10. The party encounters a giant squid fighting with a giant seahorse.

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