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D1 Random Elemental Plane of Water Encounters

  1. A giant jellyfish attacks the party. It will shoot a blinding flash of light at anyone who attacks it.

  2. The party comes across a giant sea turtle. If they are on a ship, it will come up beside them and try to eat the ship. If they are on a raft, it will try to eat them.

  3. A large sea monster attacks the party. It looks like a giant squid but with the torso and head of a shark.

  4. A group of hooked merfolk lure unsuspecting prey into their trap. It is a giant anemone trap.

  5. A human child is floating in the water. He is trapped in a bag of holding. He will die soon if not rescued.

  6. A group of merfolk are hunting a giant squid. If the players help, the merfolk will escort them to a merfolk city far from the shore. The merfolk will give the players 1d6+5 gold pieces each.

  7. A nearby island is the nesting ground for a family of giant seagulls. If the players get too close, they will attack. The nest is made out of gold and gems.

  8. A large turtle attacks the players' ship. If the players fight it, it will swim away at half-health and return with 2d4+2 turtles 1d4 hours later.

  9. A young mermaid is swimming in the water. She will ask you to help her find her lost jewelry. If the players help her find her lost jewelry, she will give them a magical necklace that allows them to breathe underwater.

  10. K'n'teth the sea-witch summons a giant octopus.

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