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D1 Random Elemental Plane of Water Encounters

  1. Players notice a large barrel floating in the water. If they try to open it, water elemental creatures will burst out and attack them.

  2. A group of merfolk are fighting over something. It's not clear what until they start fighting over the players. The players can escape or help them fight for their lives.

  3. A large shark is swimming through the water. If it sees the party, it will attack them. The shark is a level 1 creature that attacks with its teeth and claws. Oh, yeah, it has two arms and can talk. It's name is Sammy, and it's not happy about being in the Elemental Plane of Water. He'll help players if they get him back to the material plane. If players get him back, he will cause chaos, and they'll be hated until they hunt him down and stop him.

  4. A large school of sharks, with a chance of a shark lord in the midst of them.

  5. A young mermaid is swimming in the water. She will ask you to help her find her lost jewelry. If the players help her find her lost jewelry, she will give them a magical necklace that allows them to breathe underwater.

  6. A large fish about 5 feet long swims past the party. It has a troll-like face on its belly and it has large teeth that are about 1 inch long. If the party attacks it, the fish will attack back with its large tail fin that has a sharp edge on it.

  7. A group of 2d6 sharks attack the players!

  8. The party sees a giant water elemental, with a strange green glow, flying through the water.

  9. A giant octopus attacks!

  10. The party sees a group of aquatic elves dancing in the water. They are wearing colorful robes and are playing music on their flutes and drums. They will invite the party to join their dance, but they will not join in the party's fight.

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