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D1 Random Elemental Plane of Water Encounters

  1. A giant octopus attacks the players. This octopus is actually an evil wizard who has transformed into an octopus. He is trying to eat any ships that pass by his lair to steal magic items and treasure from them.

  2. A massive dragon turtle with 10d10 HD swims by!

  3. A group of merfolk is practicing a religious ceremony. They are worshiping a large conch shell.

  4. A large shark attacks the players' ship. If the players fight it, it will swim away at half-health and return with 2d4+2 sharks 1d4 hours later.

  5. A group of merfolk are looking for their chief's sword. They will offer the players a reward if they help find their chief's sword.

  6. A group of mermen are on a beach. They are arguing about whether or not it is a good idea to attack the party. One of them wants to attack, but the others do not.

  7. A group of extremely large merfolk are hunting for food. They are very aggressive and hungry. If the players try to fight them, the merfolk will fight to the death. Their weapons are extremely sharp and they are excellent fighters.

  8. A group of merfolk are arguing about whether or not they should go to war with a nearby merfolk kingdom. They are unsure if the merfolk in the other kingdom are good creatures or evil creatures.

  9. A large barrel is floating in the water. If you look inside, you can see three elves, who are dead and floating in the barrel. They were captured by sharks, forced into the barrel, and dumped back in the sea by the elves.

  10. An octopus attacks the party. The octopus is a shapeshifter and will use its disguises to attack the party with surprise.

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