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D1 Random Elemental Plane of Water Encounters

  1. A group of sirens attack the players. The sirens want to eat them and turn them into merfolk.

  2. While searching for a lost artifact, the party is attacked by a giant octopus. It seems to be guarding the artifact and will do everything in its power to stop the party from obtaining it.

  3. A giant squid attacks while they are fighting a giant seahorse.

  4. A strange ship is sailing through the sea. The ship looks like it was made of many different types of metal. The captain is a strange-looking humanoid with an octopus-like body and tentacles.

  5. A group of mermen ambush the party.

  6. A sea monster is wreaking havoc on a nearby village. The players must find a way to defeat the creature or negotiate with it to stop its attacks.

  7. Puddle of water with a lone fish swimming in it, the fish is frightened and disoriented.

  8. A giant ray attacks the party. It has a wingspan of 20' and a tail that is 10' long.

  9. A ship carrying a group of minotaurs has crashed near the party's location, and the survivors are now stranded on a nearby island. The party must navigate through treacherous waters and hostile creatures to rescue the minotaurs and help them repair their ship. But not all of the minotaurs are grateful for the party's help, and some may have sinister ulterior motives.

  10. Leviathan’s Crown: An old merfolk monarch has gone mad. He was wearing a giant crown made from the teeth of a leviathan and as he got closer to death, he went insane and wandered off into the sea. The party finds the merfolk king lying on the ground. If they disturb him, he will attack them.

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