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D1 Random Elemental Plane of Earth Encounters

  1. A dwarf botanist named Crustbranch is studying rare fungi that grow only in caves, meticulously documenting his findings.

  2. The earth around you shatters, causing all creatures to fall down a hill.

  3. A large army of stone golems is marching through the area. They will attack anyone who approaches.

  4. A petrified dragon skeleton in a cave stands as a silent sentinel. Its bones are infused with ancient magic and alchemical properties, attracting various factions who seek its power.

  5. A family of 1d6 Gorgon Kin are busy cultivating a garden of petrified plants. They offer the adventurers a sample of their garden's unique fruits in exchange for help with some of the more stubborn plants.

  6. The party discovers a secret tunnel filled with precious gems, but they must navigate through a maze of shifting walls to escape with their loot.

  7. The players see a group of 2d6+2 thugs. They are armed with sword and shield. They are looking for someone to mug. They will attack anyone who looks like they might put up a fight.

  8. A group of friendly earth elementals offers the party a chance to ride on their backs and explore the vast underground network of tunnels and caves.

  9. The ground becomes quicksand of sands made from finely grated gemstones, dragging the party into a crystalline chasm. Survival, or the failure thereof, here determines the path forward.

  10. The party comes across a group of elementals who are trying to teach a group of men in golden robes how to dance like they do. The men in golden robes keep saying, 'I'm sorry, I don't know how to dance like you do.' The elementals are getting angry.

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