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D1 Random Elemental Plane of Earth Encounters

  1. You see a giant caterpillar slowly making its way across the plains. Its body is covered with strange symbols that seem to pulse with power.

  2. The party hears a loud crashing sound in the distance. Moments later, they hear a second loud crashing sound. The second crashing sound is slightly louder than the first crashing sound. The sounds are getting closer together as they hear them. The party sees a hill on the horizon that looks like it is on fire. It is a hill of 2-D goblins running toward them. They will get very close before turning around and running back towards their hill. These goblins are trying to escape the goblins that are 2-D and chasing them back to their hill.

  3. The party will see a group of 6 goblins on horseback, they are headed to a village

  4. The adventurers find a gargantuan statue of an unknown god that is slowly coming to life.

  5. A pack of carnivorous creatures, made out of rock, are attacking a group of small, defenseless creatures.

  6. You will see a group of 1d4 barbarians, they are hunting for village cattle.

  7. A merchant caravan transporting goods from a nearby city has been set upon by bandits. The party sees the battle, and can choose to help the merchants or the bandits.

  8. The party walks through a random rock wall and enters a small cave. The cave has a small pool of water in the center. A group of 2d6+4 water elementals are swimming in the pool. They will attack the party if they're attacked first.

  9. The adventurers come across a strange laboratory run by a mad mage and his creations.

  10. A group of dwarves riding worgs and leading an enormous stone dragon.

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