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D1 Random Elemental Plane of Earth Encounters

  1. A small fire is burning on the ground. A man with a dagger is standing over it. He looks starved and desperate.

  2. The party will see a group of 6 goblins on horseback, they are headed to a village.

  3. The party walks through a random rock wall and enters a small cave. The cave has a small pool of water in the center. A group of 2d6+4 water elementals are swimming in the pool. They will attack the party if they're attacked first.

  4. While exploring a vast underground cavern, the party comes across a maze of floating stone platforms. They must navigate through the maze while dodging traps and solving puzzles.

  5. A group of unkempt travelers, who look like they just came from a battle, asking for help with an attack by a group of goblins and kobolds.

  6. The party hears a loud rumbling and soon discovers a group of dwarves using explosives to dig for precious gems. They must be careful not to get caught in the blast.

  7. A group of 1d4+4 elemental summoners are working on a trap to capture an elemental (2d4 HD) to use as a servant. The elemental is tied up by rope and is unconscious by campfire. The summoners will allow the party to choose which elemental they want to catch and which elemental they want to use for their own purposes. The elemental that is being caught belongs to one of the summoners, who will attack the party if they do not choose that elemental. The elemental has a name.

  8. A powerful Dust Devil appears, creating a fierce sandstorm in the area. The party must find a way to calm the elemental or risk being buried alive in sand.

  9. Random Elemental Plane of Earth Encounter: The party comes upon a large, crystalline spire. The top of the spire rises from the ground and culminates in a point. If a PC tries to touch the point, the tip of the spire will fly off into the sky and eventually be destroyed by the sun. The PCs will realize that they must use a grappling hook to reach the crystal point, and they'll need to bring some sort of glass-cutting device. The crystal point can only be broken with a heightened dagger and the mesmerizing ability.

  10. The party will see a group of 1d4 human barbarians riding horses and driving cattle toward their village in the distance.

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