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D1 Random Elemental Plane of Earth Encounters

  1. A group of men are arguing about how to deal with a group of goblins that are attacking the town. They will ask the players for help.

  2. Players arrive at a village that has been abandoned by almost everyone. If players ask anyone, they will be told that there’s nothing to do in the village. Players can find out that the village used to be an important trading hub, but the traders got sick of having their caravans robbed by bandits and moved on to another town. The bandits used to live in the village, but were driven out by the villagers. The bandits now live in an old cave complex in the mountains nearby, but they have been attacking the village again recently.

  3. A small band of 2d4 elven rangers are on patrol. They are on the lookout for a group of 3d6 dwarves who have been traveling through their lands and causing trouble.

  4. A group of 3d6 kobolds is hiding in the bushes. They are waiting for travelers to walk past so that they can attack them and steal their horses.

  5. The party finds an area where the ground is covered in hundreds of tiny holes. Hundreds of ants are pouring from the holes and attacking the party.

  6. The party walks through a random rock wall and enters a small cave. The cave has a small pool of water in the center. A group of 2d6+4 water elementals are swimming in the pool. They will attack the party if they're attacked first.

  7. The party comes across a field of grass that is covered in hundreds of tiny mice. They are diseased.

  8. The party hears a loud crashing sound in the distance. Moments later, they hear a second loud crashing sound. The second crashing sound is slightly louder than the first crashing sound. The sounds are getting closer together as they hear them. The party sees a hill on the horizon that looks like it is on fire. It is a hill of 2-D goblins running toward them. They will get very close before turning around and running back towards their hill. These goblins are trying to escape the goblins that are 2-D and chasing them back to their hill.

  9. A group of men are digging in the ground nearby. They are looking for treasure. They will attack anyone who interferes with their work. They are armed with short swords and short bows.

  10. A group of halflings is worshiping a stone idol that looks like a large stone golem. They hope that their god will answer their prayers by granting them one of its powers. The party will have to convince them to abandon their religion and worship a different god that is not so demanding of its followers.

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