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D1 Random Elemental Plane of Earth Encounters

  1. You find yourself in a large cavern filled with gems.

  2. A efreeti warrior named Az'zhur is leading a group of human and half-human slaves toward the mountain.

  3. A group of 2d4 clerics are looking for work. They will offer their services to the players for a price.

  4. A group of 3d4 orcs are hunting for food. They will attack the party on sight.

  5. The party is traveling down a road and comes across a group of 4 villagers that are trying to cross the road. The villagers are having a disagreement on how to cross the road. One villager suggests that the girls walk across the road first to see if it's safe. Another villager thinks that the boys should walk across first. The party can make a Diplomacy check to help the villagers settle their dispute.

  6. A dragon is sleeping in a room full of treasure, the party will know how much gold is in the room.

  7. As the party drifts through the void of space, they see a small, dark planet ahead of them. The planet has a small city floating above its' surface. As the party gets closer, they can see that the buildings are made of stone and glass. There is a large statue on the side of one building. It is a statue of an earth elemental. The party knows that this is the Elemental Plane of Earth.

  8. The party comes across a crystal formation that is glowing brightly. Upon closer inspection, the party finds that the crystal is a dormant stone elemental.

  9. The party discovers a strange metallic device that appears to be digging a tunnel through the earth.

  10. The adventurers encounter a tribe of sentient rock creatures who offer them aid if they can prove themselves worthy.

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