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D1 Random Arctic Encounters

  1. The party comes across a shipwreck with the body of a sailor. If the players investigate, they will find that the sailor was killed by a giant. The giant will be surprised by the players and attack them. The giant is a level 2 brute named Bork.

  2. A group of 2d6+4 goblins are hunting an animal for food. They will attack anyone who intrudes on their territory.

  3. A group of men and women are sitting around a campfire. They are singing and drinking mead together. If the players approach, they will ask them to join in the song and drink with them. If the players do so, they will be asked to leave when they start to sing or drink too much.

  4. A female snow owl attacks the party. She is hungry, and she wants to eat the party's horses! She will retreat if the party feeds her some of the horses' blood.

  5. The party comes across a tree with a mouth carved in it at its base. If the mouth is examined closely, it appears to be screaming. No matter how nicely someone asks or how kindly they speak to it, the tree will never stop screaming. It can't be silenced. The tree will do everything it can to make it impossible for people to get close to it.

  6. The party sees a strange cult of people dressed in black robes and carrying strange, medieval weapons walking into a cave in the side of a hill. They appear to be headed into a large cave opening in the side of the hill.

  7. You stumble across a small orc camp.

  8. In a snowdrift, the party finds a live dwarf with a small bag of silver coins.

  9. A group of men are standing around a campfire. They are talking about how they killed a polar bear and how much meat it had on it. One of the men is a werewolf in disguise and will try to get the others to attack the party after they have fallen asleep.

  10. A group of 1d4+4 hunters are following the trail of 1d4+4 wolves. The hunters are arguing about whether to kill the wolves or try to capture them to sell as pets or beasts of burden.

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