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D1 Random Arctic Encounters

  1. A snowstorm has stranded the party. The party has lost their horses and supplies. If the party doesn't start moving again soon, they will dead by the end of the week.

  2. The group encounters a friendly Arctic hare, who offers to guide them through a treacherous mountain pass in exchange for a small favor. However, the hare turns out to be a disguised and trickster fairy, and the party must complete a series of ridiculous tasks to reach their destination.

  3. A large white whale surfaces and bellows.

  4. An elven merchant approaches the party. He has a sled with him. His name is Olaf. He is from the nearby town of Frostyvale. He is a merchant of elven goods. He will sell the party some of his elven goods. He knows that the party is going to the Icewind Peninsula and he will tell them of the strange things that he has seen and heard about. He will warn them to be careful of the strange things that have been happening in that land lately. He will give the party an enchanted knife that can cut through ice with just a few swipes.

  5. A group of 1d10+5 arctic foxes attacks the party.

  6. A group of 2d4 male humans is being attacked by 2d4 orcs who are attempting to kill them and steal their horses and their horses' saddles, bridles, bits, and reins.

  7. Hiding in the snow are two tiny polar bears. They are trying to ambush a group of men walking on the ice.

  8. The party comes across a small, deserted village. The village has been burned to the ground. If the party searches the ruins, they will find a small statue of a wolf. It is made of stone. If the party takes it, they will be attacked by a pack of wolves.

  9. Four polar bears are hunting a seal. The player do not know this.

  10. The party comes across a group of penguins who are fiercely guarding a hidden entrance. They refuse to let anyone pass until the party can solve a riddle that will open the entrance.

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