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D1 Random Arctic Encounters

  1. A group of cultists worshiping an ancient, arctic deity are trying to summon its avatar to the mortal realm. The party must stop them before the powerful being destroys the arctic and its inhabitants.

  2. A group of 3d10 wolves attack the players. They are not normal wolves and they have the intelligence of a human child. They are hungry and they attack anyone that comes near them.

  3. The PCs hear what sounds like a child wailing. When they investigate they find a tiny kitten. If a PC pets it for a few minutes it falls asleep.

  4. The players come across a frozen, abandoned ship that has been trapped in a massive iceberg. They discover that the ship was once the home of a group of pirates who were frozen in time by a powerful curse. If the players can lift the curse, they may gain the loyalty of the pirates and their magical ship. However, the curse is not easy to break, and the players may have to face the wrath of the pirate captain who does not want his crew to be freed.

  5. They come across an icy labyrinth with walls that shift and change. Navigating this maze requires wits and possibly aid from an icy specter who knows its secrets.

  6. The party comes across a series of ice tunnels carved out by arctic termites. These tunnels house bizarre ice formations and lead to a hidden arctic hollow inhabited by a reclusive ice sage.

  7. Players see the outline of a small castle in the distance. If they approach it, they find the castle is made of ice, and there are 4d4+4 skeletons outside trying to get in.

  8. A group of 1d10+6 kobolds are on the trail. They are leading a line of 1d10+2 wagons, each wagon loaded with 1d20 dwarven ale kegs. They are making their way to the nearest human village.

  9. A group of 4d8 elves are on their way to the city. They are looking for warmth, and will kill anyone who tries to stop them.

  10. The party finds a dead horse with saddlebags on it. Inside are two gold coins, three silver coins, and one copper coin.

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