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D1 Random Arctic Encounters

  1. A man is walking down the road, talking to himself. He seems to be crazy.

  2. While navigating an icy pass, the party encounters a band of white dragons. The dragons are looking for food and are willing to barter for it.

  3. A group of 4d8+4 arctic elves are walking through the snow. They are going to their clan's fortress to trade with other clans.

  4. You come across an elven mage, who has lost her way and is looking for help.

  5. Nasty smell. A dead wolf with its stomach burst. 1d4+2 werewolves are nearby.

  6. A group of men with blackened faces are walking through the snow. They're not looking for anything in particular, they're just walking. These are members of a necromantic cult that are bringing back 'animals' from their hunt to be sacrificed and returned as zombies.

  7. The party comes across a herd of deer walking through the snow. The deer stop and look at the party. One deer steps forward and talks to the party. He tells the party the whole herd is being hunted by a pack of 2d6+5 wolves and asks if the party can help. The deer will give the party a deer tail charm if the party helps them.

  8. A group of humans riding in sleds appear and ask the players if they have seen their dogs. The men are drunk, and will attack the players if they don't like their answer, or if they're not wearing fur caps.

  9. The party comes across a shipwreck with the body of a sailor. If the players investigate, they will find that the sailor was killed by a giant. The giant will be surprised by the players and attack them. The giant is a level 2 brute named Bork.

  10. A tribe of 1d4+4 goblins are planning to attack a merchant caravan carrying a shipment of goods to the coast. The merchant caravan is traveling on foot. If the players help the merchants, the merchants will reward them with a +2 sword. If the players help the goblins, the goblins will reward them with 10d10 gold pieces.

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