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D1 Random Arctic Encounters

  1. A group of three old women are selling magical rings that allow players to cast spells without using spell slots for a day. If the party buys one, the rings turn out to be duds.

  2. The party sees a group of men fighting a polar bear. They are dressed in furs and wield spears, bows, and axes. One of them is badly injured. If the party approaches they will ask for help.

  3. Fierce blizzard has caused a group of 5d10 lumberjacks to become lost in the woods. They are freezing and starving.

  4. A large elk is standing in the middle of the trail. He looks very cold and tired.

  5. A group of 5d6 men are looking for work. They are willing to do anything the party asks of them for an equal amount of gold pieces.

  6. A group of 2d6+2 humans is traveling along a trail through the forest. The humans are returning home after a successful hunt. The humans are carrying a large amount of game with them. The humans will trade with the players if they have something to trade.

  7. A group of 1d6 soldiers are walking down the road. They are wearing heavy armor and they are armed with swords and shields.

  8. A man in robes and wearing a strange mask is standing on the side of the road; he looks like he's lost.

  9. A pack of wolves attacks the players. The pack of wolves is led by a Dire Wolf that is trying to get its pack to follow it somewhere else because it doesn't like the look of the players.

  10. Lava squid attack a party traveling through the Arctic. The squid are 4d8 HD and are purple in color. They have tentacles that reach up to 60 ft. long and can grapple and attack at range. The squid have a level of intelligence, have a Tentacle Pounce attack and a Constrict attack.

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