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D1 Random Arctic Encounters

  1. Players come across an abandoned campfire. If they investigate, they will find a book sitting on top of the fire. If they pull it out of the fire, they will discover it is an ancient book written by an ancient wizard named Thauram the Wise. The book is about the ice caves and what is in them.

  2. The ground beneath you is cold and hard. As you walk, you can see your breath in the air. You see a large stone. A large, male polar bear is standing on top of the stone. The bear is watching you. The bear is not attacking the party.

  3. Three male elves are walking along the coast. They are on their way to meet the female elves in the city.

  4. The party sees a ship that is drifting aimlessly. It is a ship of the pirates of the north sea. It has been torn apart by orc arrows. The orc arrows were fired by orcs who are standing on the nearby frozen cliffs. There are 3d6 orcs on the cliffs.

  5. The party comes across a small, deserted village. The village has been burned to the ground. If the party searches the ruins, they will find a small statue of a wolf. It is made of stone. If the party takes it, they will be attacked by a pack of wolves.

  6. The party sees a group of children playing around a bonfire in the center of a village. They are using their imaginations and pretending to be a powerful warrior who slays dragons and rescues princesses and brings peace to the land.

  7. A party member steps on a thin spot in the ice and falls through. All others must either save him or leave him to die in the water below.

  8. The players hear a howl in the distance. After a few minutes, it is repeated.

  9. A group of 2d6+4 bandits are camped in a cave. They are waiting for a group of merchants to pass by so they can attack them.

  10. You see a group of men wearing furs and carrying weapons. They are walking towards you. They say that they are hunters. They are looking for a lost member of their party. They have trapped a polar bear under a net.

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