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D1 Random Arctic Encounters

  1. A group of gnomes are mining for gems and precious metals in this area of the world. They are dressed in thick furs and leathers to protect them from the cold elements. They are from the gnomish kingdom that is located in the Blue Mountains to the west of this location in the northern hemisphere of this planet in this universe. If a player goes up to them, they will talk with them for a bit but not for too long for if they are found by the white tigers, it could spell their doom. They will warn players to be careful when going north into the Icewind Peninsula area and stay safe as some strange happenings have been seen and heard about from their fellow gnomes back home in their kingdom in the Blue Mountains to the west of this area in this continent in this world in this universe.

  2. You see a group of three women. The women are walking with their heads down. The women are weeping. Their husbands were all killed by a polar bear.

  3. The party stumbles upon a group of snow dwarves trying to dig their way out of a massive avalanche. The dwarves were searching for a legendary underground city, but their discovery caused a deadly avalanche. The party must help save the dwarves and navigate the treacherous tunnels to find the city.

  4. You spot a group of penguins carrying a chest that seems too heavy for them. When you investigate, the chest is actually filled with rare jewels and treasures from a distant land. The penguins offer to trade for any useful items the party has.

  5. A group of men flee from a pack of wolves. They are running toward the players, hoping to gain their protection.

  6. An ice troll attacks the party while they sleep. He is incredibly strong and can throw chunks of ice at medium range with incredible accuracy and force.

  7. As you are setting up camp for the night, you see glowing green lights moving in the distance. Upon investigation, you find a colony of friendly, telepathic creatures living under the ice. They offer you shelter and share stories of their lost civilization.

  8. Players come across an abandoned campfire. If they investigate, they will find a book sitting on top of the fire. If they pull it out of the fire, they will discover it is an ancient book written by an ancient wizard named Thauram the Wise. The book is about the ice caves and what is in them.

  9. A group of 5d6 humans are traveling from their village to a nearby city. They have an elderly woman with them, and she is in terrible pain. They are not sure what to do about her, and the players might be able to help.

  10. The party is attacked by a group of polar bears. The bears are hungry and will attack anything in sight.

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