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D1 Random Arctic Encounters

  1. A group of polar bears are attacking a group of penguins. The penguins are shouting, 'Stick together! Stick together!'

  2. Players come across a large, blue flag tied to a pole stuck in the ground. If they approach it, they will find that it is tied to a sleeping giant. If they wake it up, it will attack them.

  3. A polar bear is napping on top of a large boulder, which has been covered with snow. The snow has been disturbed and there are tracks, indicating that something else was sitting on top of the boulder before the bear woke up and scared it away.

  4. At the top of a mountain, the players find an old man sitting by a campfire. He will ask the players to bring him back some firewood. When the players bring him firewood, he will give them a scroll that will allow them to cast a fire spell once per day for 1d6 days.

  5. A large black bear attacks the party.

  6. The trail leads to a group of 3d4 gnomes. The gnomes are setting traps and preparing to defend themselves from a group of 3d4 orcs.

  7. The players come across a small village. Its only inhabitants are 5 old women who tell the players that they are abandoned and hope that they will be able to catch and kill a passing polar bear so they can have something to eat.

  8. A woman dressed in heavy furs is standing near the trail. She is looking at the ground, and she looks sad. If asked, she will tell the players that she is looking for a lost animal that she has been tracking for days now. She will ask them to help her find it. The animal is actually her snow leopard that she brought with her when she was visiting her family nearby, and she has been traveling with it for weeks now, and she has gotten sick of it and wishes to send it back to her home ahead of her so that she does not have to travel with it anymore.

  9. A group of 2d6 giant crows attack the party.

  10. The party finds a small valley with three wolves fighting over a deer carcass. The wolves are 2d4+2 wolves, but they will run if attacked by anyone with more than 3 hit dice.

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