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D1 Random Mountain Encounters

  1. A lonely yeti crosses the party's path, looking for companionship in its otherwise secluded life. It may prove to be a valuable ally or a dangerous foe, depending on how the players approach it.

  2. A group of 2d6 bandits attacks the players, demanding their money and magic items.

  3. A group of 2d6 goblins are gambling. If players approach, they will attack.

  4. A powerful thunderstorm rages through the mountains, causing a river to flood and threatening to wash away a nearby village. The players must use their skills and magic to redirect the river and save the village from destruction.

  5. A group of adventurers are traveling through the mountains. They are looking for an old lost temple. They think it is on the side of this mountain. They have hired 2

  6. A man is standing on the side of the trail with his hands in his pockets looking nervous. He says he was robbed a few miles back. He says he lost his wallet and some gold pieces to a notorious local bandit. Actually, he lost the gold gambling and is practicing to lie to his wife when he gets home.

  7. A sudden blizzard overtakes the mountain, making it nearly impossible to see and navigate. The players must find shelter and survive until the storm passes, all while avoiding any potential dangers lurking in the blizzard.

  8. As the players climb a steep cliff, they come across a group of harpies trying to lure them in with their hypnotic songs. The harpies are guarding a powerful magical artifact and will do whatever it takes to protect it.

  9. The sound of an axe chopping wood can be heard from a distance. When the players follow the sound, they find a lone lumberjack cutting down a large tree. He will ask the players to help him carry the wood back to his village in exchange for a warm meal and some ale.

  10. A group of children are playing with a ball. One of them will drop it and start to cry. They will not stop until someone gives them a silver coin.

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