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D1 Random Mountain Encounters

  1. A group of men and women approach the players and ask them to deliver a message to a rich merchant in the next town. They want the players to deliver a message to the rich merchant because they are afraid the rich merchant will be insulted if they just walk up to him and tell him their problem.

  2. Players find a cave. Inside the cave, there is a statue of a knight with a sword in its hand. The statue is made of bronze. The sword is made of silver. Two skeletons are standing near the sword. They are dressed in old armor. If players try to take the sword, the skeletons will attack. The skeletons are 1st level warriors.

  3. A dwarf is sitting on a large rock, crying about how much his feet hurt and how hungry he is. He is really just pretending to cry and hoping someone will give him some food or gold for his troubles and his story about how he was captured by goblins who made him carry their loot up here from the village below that they raided recently but he was able to escape from them when they stopped for lunch. He is wearing fine clothes, but he is filthy because he has been traveling for weeks without taking a bath or changing his clothes or eating well while trying to avoid being captured by the goblins again or attacked by wolves or other dangers along the way up here to this mountain pass which he was told is where he could find some work because there are always people up here who need help with something or other but he wasn’t expecting it to be so cold up here or so hard to find work or so hard to find food or so hard to find a bath or so hard to find anything he can use or sell because everyone is so poor and he’s only got a tiny bit of gold left now and it’s almost gone and he doesn’t know what he’s going to do anymore because he really needs help but he knows that no one will help him because no one trusts a filthy dwarf with no money or food or anything left anymore but he just wants someone to help him but no one ever does…

  4. Vicious wolves attack party.

  5. Players are approached by a group of men and women who want them to join their fight against an evil wizard who lives in a tower in the mountains. Their leader is an elderly woman named Old Woman Marin. Old Woman Marin is an expert archer, and she has been fighting the wizard for years, but she is getting old and she knows that she won't be able to fight the wizard much longer. She wants the players to help her fight the wizard.

  6. A group of 3d6 soldiers are walking up the trail. They are heading to the next town to join the army. If the party helps them, they can learn about the strange happenings in the village.

  7. A group of 2d6 ogres who are looking for food in the mountains. They will attack the players without question. If players help them find food, the ogres will leave without harming the players.

  8. A group of 2d4+4 orcs are on their way to a nearby village to attack it. If players help them, they will be rewarded with gold and supplies by the village Elder. If players do not help them, they will be rewarded with gold and supplies by the village Elder if they kill the orcs before they can attack the village.

  9. A group of drunken dwarven brawlers are celebrating their victory against a nearby dragon.

  10. Nasty things are attacking a camp. The players find a group of people fighting off a group of 4d12 creatures. The creatures are giant spiders with a poison that causes the target to hallucinate for 1d4 hours.

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