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D1 Random Mountain Encounters

  1. A group of 2d8+4 men are gathered around a campfire, singing songs and telling stories about people who have passed through here or lived here in the past.

  2. A group of 1d4+2 dwarven miners are looking for rare gems. They are willing to hire the players to help them dig for gems. They will offer the players 10 GP per day plus room and board.

  3. The players come across a group of traveling bards who are singing songs about the players' deeds. One of the bards is a vampire, and she will try to disguise herself as a bard. The vampire will try to disguise herself as a bard. The vampire will try to get close to one of the players and then bite him or her after everyone has gone to sleep for the night.

  4. A group of 1d4+4 dwarves are traveling toward the mountains on an important mission that could change the course of the war. They are carrying a large chest filled with gold and gems and must get it to the Dwarven King as soon as possible. They are armed with crossbows and swords, and they will attack the players if they try to stop them from completing their mission.

  5. The players hear sobbing coming from an abandoned cabin. Inside, they will find a dwarf who is upset because his brother was killed by orcs. He will ask the players to help him get revenge on the orc tribe.

  6. You come across a group of dwarves and humans who are building a wall. They tell you that they are building a wall to keep the giants out.

  7. A group of hunters are looking for deer, boar, and other game to feed the local village.

  8. Players are approached by a group of men and women who want them to join their fight against an evil wizard who lives in a tower in the mountains. Their leader is an elderly man named Old Man Thomas. Old Man Thomas is an expert swordsman, and he has been fighting the wizard for years, but he is getting old and he knows that he won't be able to fight the wizard much longer. He wants the players to help him fight the wizard.

  9. The party comes across an elderly couple who are being robbed by two thugs. The thugs will attack the players if they try to stop them from robbing the couple. The couple's name is Henry and Martha, and they have been married for 50 years and have no children or family left because they were all killed during an orc raid decades ago when they were much younger.

  10. Players find a cave. Inside the cave, there is a statue of a knight with a sword in its hand. The statue is made of bronze. The sword is made of silver. Two skeletons are standing near the sword. They are dressed in old armor. If players try to take the sword, the skeletons will attack. The skeletons are 1st level warriors.

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