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D1 Random Mountain Encounters

  1. An old man is walking up the mountain. He says he is looking for a dragon's lair. He is actually an insane wizard. He will attack if provoked.

  2. A party of 2d4 dwarves and 2d4 goblins are fighting in this cave. The dwarves and goblins are evenly matched, with each side having an equal chance of winning the battle.

  3. A group of 2d8+4 men are gathered around a campfire, singing songs and telling stories about people who have passed through here or lived here in the past.

  4. The party comes across a group of rangers who are tracking a dangerous and rare beast.

  5. The party comes across a small village that is being attacked by an army of orcs and orcs! The orcs will attack anyone that approaches the village!

  6. The party sees a group of 2d4 humans. They are carrying food and supplies for the journey up the mountain.

  7. Three merchants from a nearby town who are looking for an escort back to town safely. They are willing to pay players 100 gp each if they escort them safely back home (500 gp total).

  8. A group of merchants are traveling down the mountain, carrying a chest full of gold coins. They will give the party a share of the gold if they help them carry it down the mountain.

  9. A group of 2d6+4 men are walking down the trail. They are looking for work in a nearby town. They are willing to work for the party for 10 gold pieces per day per man.

  10. Two farmers are taking their crop to market. They will offer the players food and shelter if they need it.

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