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D1 Random Grassland Encounters

  1. A group of men with axes are running away from a group of horse-riding humans with lances. The horse-riders chase down the men and kill them.

  2. An old man dressed in rags is walking across the grassland carrying a large wooden chest marked with the emblem of a local merchant. He's walking towards a nearby village where he'll sell his chest at an extremely low price - perhaps even for free.

  3. The players see a group of men practicing archery. If any player approaches too closely, they will be shot by the men.

  4. The party comes across an area where a group of peasants are trying to dig up a chest that is stuck in the ground. If the peasants are approached then they will quickly hide the chest and pretend to be picking berries. If players ask then they will tell them that they are picking berries but that it is dangerous out here because of all the goblins around here. The peasants were actually digging up a chest full of treasure belonging to a nearby tribe of goblins. The gems and gold inside were being divided among the peasants by a corrupt bureaucrat named Balack Skullcrusher. He will be furious if he finds out that anyone has discovered his treasure. He will try to kill the party and force them to become slaves.

  5. A group of about 10 elven rangers are practicing in the area. They are celebrating their 100th birthday. They will ask the players to join them in a drinking contest. If the players accept, they will be drugged and then robbed by the elves.

  6. Players see a horse standing on top of a hill. When players get close, the horse jumps off the hill and lands gracefully, then gallops off.

  7. A group of 2d4 men are gathered around a campfire, singing songs and drinking wine. If players approach, they will ask if they want to join the party. If players accept, they will be expected to drink and sing with them - otherwise they'll be asked to leave.

  8. A man is sitting on the side of the road and appears to be ill or injured. If players talk to him, he will tell them that he is just tired from walking all day, but if players offer to give him a ride, he will jump into their wagon and attack them, revealing that he is actually a werewolf in disguise!

  9. A group of 4d6 humans are celebrating their victory in battle. They are drinking, feasting, and telling stories of their exploits in war. If players approach they will ask them to tell their own stories of battle.

  10. A group of 1d4+2 orcs are gathering berries and mushrooms in the area. They are not too concerned about being attacked by adventurers because they know the nearby tribe of goblins will protect them if anything happens...

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