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300+ D&D (5e+) Random Grassland Encounters

D1 Random Grassland Encounters

  1. A group of wood elves appear, asking for the players' help in finding and protecting a rare and powerful magical tree that is being targeted by a dark force.

  2. As the party travels, they come across an elderly druid meditating on a rock. If they stay and listen to his wisdom, he may give them a gift of magical herbs and potions.

  3. The players stumble upon a patch of quicksand while exploring the grasslands. Will they be able to escape its grasp?

  4. The players stumble upon a field of glowing mushrooms, each one radiating a different color and energy. The mushrooms have unique and beneficial properties, but some of them may also have unexpected side effects. The players must choose which mushrooms to consume wisely.

  5. A group of druids are celebrating a religious holiday. They are carrying wooden staffs.

  6. A random encounter with a band of 2d10 orcs. They are carrying various items including: sacks of grain, sacks of potatoes, sacks of flour, sacks of oats, sacks of carrots, sacks of apples, etc.

  7. In the middle of the grasslands, there is a large stone circle with ancient runes etched into the rocks. If the players decipher the runes and activate the circle, they are teleported to a mysterious location filled with powerful magical artifacts.

  8. As the sun sets, the players come across a campfire with a group of friendly satyrs roasting marshmallows and telling lively stories. They offer to share their food and tales with the players, but it may come with a price...

  9. The party sees a group of men dancing around a fire. If the party approaches, the men will tell them that they are celebrating the birth of a baby. If the party investigates, they will find a baby with its throat slit. The men are cultists of Orcus.

  10. The players come across a mysterious ring of mushrooms. As they approach, they realize they have shrunk to the size of insects. A tiny pixie appears and tells them that they have entered the realm of the woodland sprites. The players must complete a series of tasks to prove their worth and regain their original size.

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