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300+ D&D (5e+) Random Grassland Encounters

D1 Random Grassland Encounters

  1. A group of men are sitting around a campfire, telling stories about their adventures in the region. The story includes an encounter with a band of orcs that were led by a wizard. The wizard had a magic ring that made him invisible. The ring can be found in a nearby cave if the players are interested in exploring it.

  2. A man is sitting on the side of the road drinking wine and singing sad songs about his lost love. If the party talks to him, he will ask them to find his love and bring her back to him. If they do, they will find that the love is already married and has no interest in being with this man again.

  3. A group of men are sitting around a campfire having a picnic. They're all dressed in green and gold and they're having roast chicken and wine. The players can approach them and join them for a picnic too! The men are bards looking for work. If players ask, they can tell the players about two nobles who are holding a tournament nearby to try to find a new champion for their kingdom.

  4. Equestrian race. A group of 1d4 horse-riders are riding their horses through the grasslands. They are riding across the grasslands to get to the next village where there will be an equestrian race held on the next day, so these horse-riders are practicing their skills. One horse-rider will be betting on another horse-rider getting first place in the race, so he might give a ride to some of the players if they ask him politely and perhaps even especially if they offer him some money as a wager on his horse getting first place in this race he's competing in.

  5. The party sees a small group of farmers on horses heading west. They are carrying food to a city that has been under siege by an army of hobgoblins and goblins for the past month. The farmers are hoping to be relieved soon. If players help them, the farmers will give them all their food.

  6. A group of men are running from a group of 2d6 giant rats. The rats are chasing the men to kill them and feed on their bodies.

  7. A GROUP OF MERCENARIES are driving a herd of sheep and goats down the road. They are searching for work and will offer their services to the players if they offer a high fee. If the players hire the mercenaries, the mercenaries will steal from them, desert, and attack them in the middle of the night.

  8. A man is walking along the road. He is carrying a large sack and a large sword. He is drunk and keeps singing a song about a woman named Rosie.

  9. A group of 1d4+2 goblins are gathering berries and mushrooms in the area. They are not too concerned about being attacked by adventurers because they know the nearby tribe of orcs will protect them if anything happens...

  10. A young woman is sat on the side of the road, sobbing quietly to herself. She's dressed in old and ragged clothes and she's covered in dirt and grime. She appears to be in her mid 20s, but she looks like she's been on the road for years. She's actually an escaped criminal who has been traveling for years to avoid capture. If players approach her, she will ask for food and water. If they help her, she will give them a gift - a small wooden figurine that looks like an owl. It could be worth money, or it could be worthless.

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