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D1 Random Grassland Encounters

  1. A group of 2d6 men are walking along the road. They are talking about the weather and how it is affecting their harvest. If the party asks, they will say there is a bad harvest coming and that prices will rise in the summer when the harvest is poor.

  2. Players see a group of 1d4+4 kobolds. They are hunting for food.

  3. A group of men are walking across the plains, looking tired, hungry and thirsty. The men are looking for a lost horse. The horse is actually an enchanted steed that they stole from a dragon's lair while it slept.

  4. A group of 2d6 men are searching through the grass for something. They are talking quietly to each other as they search. They are searching for treasure that was lost in a battle that took place in this area decades ago. They know that it is somewhere in this area and they know approximately where it is, but they have not been able to find it so far.

  5. A group of villagers is attempting to clear a path from the road. They are doing so by removing stones from the road.

  6. The players hear a loud boom, followed by a loud boom. The players see two large birds flying high up in the sky. They are fighting each other for territory.

  7. A wagon has overturned in the road ahead of you. The wagon is full of coal and it's spilling out on the ground. The horses are gone.

  8. A priest of a local god is walking down the road with his arms full of grain and wheat. He is on his way to feed the poor that live in the local temple’s shelter as he believes all people should be fed even if they have nothing to give back in return as it is what their god expects of them.

  9. A man is sitting on the side of the road and appears to be ill or injured. If players talk to him, he will tell them that he is just tired from walking all day, but if players offer to give him a ride, he will jump into their wagon and attack them, revealing that he is actually a werewolf in disguise!

  10. A group of 1d4+2 orcs are gathering berries and mushrooms in the area. They are not too concerned about being attacked by adventurers because they know the nearby tribe of goblins will protect them if anything happens...

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