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D1 Random City Encounters

  1. Two men are fighting over who has better knowledge on which ale is the best ale in town. If players get involved, they will say things like, 'Come on! All you have to do is taste it! That's all it takes! Taste it!' One will add, 'You can't call yourself true believers if you don't even know which ale is the best ale in town!' The other will add, 'The best ale in town won't taste so good if you're dead from drinking poison!' One will say, 'We can settle this with a drinking contest!' The other will say, 'You're on!'

  2. A group of men are standing in the street, holding a banner proclaiming the strength of their faith.

  3. A group of young men are gathered around an elderly man who is telling stories about his adventures as a younger man. The stories are very long and very detailed. If players listen long enough, they will learn about an interesting dungeon nearby.

  4. Two young children are playing with a toy castle. They're trying to get their toy knights to battle it out with each other.

  5. A group of children are playing in an alleyway. They are singing a song about a local hero who died recently in battle.

  6. A man is handing out magic wands to passersby. They're not powerful, and they're not enchanted, but the man is offering them for free!

  7. A priest is walking down the street, chanting. When he passes a person, he then kicks them in the leg.

  8. A man is walking down the street, yelling about the end of the world and the rising of the dead. He is obviously delusional and should be left alone.

  9. A group of 2d10+2 TRADERS are selling goods in front of their shop. The traders are a trader captain, a trader lieutenant and 2d10+2 traders.

  10. You hear a loud noise coming from a nearby building. When you investigate, you find a group of alchemists attempting to summon a powerful elemental.

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