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D1 Random City Encounters

  1. A group of children are playing with their wooden swords and wooden shields. The children are playing at being soldiers. One of the children is pretending to be a monster and he is attacking the other children.

  2. A group of people are gathered around an elderly woman who is telling stories of her youth. She's telling stories of how she used to sneak out of the town and go dancing with the elves in their forests. The stories sound like she was a rebellious woman in her youth.

  3. You sense some dark forces at work as you pass through a alley in the city, but you can’t make out what they’re doing.

  4. A woman wearing a black dress is seen weeping outside the tavern. She says that she's looking for her lost husband. She says that she's been to all the churches, but no one has seen him. She says that he was last seen entering the tavern.

  5. A man is standing in front of a shop, offering to sell his horse to anyone who wants it. He says that the horse used to be owned by a wizard and is capable of speaking and doing tricks just like a dog or a cat can do. He says that the horse can fetch things and even fight like a dog or cat can fight if needed.

  6. A group of men are holding up a group of women and demanding that they give them all of their money and valuables. The women are crying and begging as the men hold them at gun point.

  7. A group of guards are walking down the street, laughing and joking. One of them is pulling a small cart filled with dead rats.

  8. A man is holding a sign that says 'I will sell you anything.' He has acquired three horses, which he will sell to you at a good price.

  9. A woman is selling flowers to passersby. When players approach, she starts flirting with the most handsome one in the group. The woman is actually a high-class prostitute.

  10. A woman is selling flowers outside of a tavern, but she does not have a permit. The party can get her a permit for a small bribe, but then the corrupt local lord will try to extort money from them in the future.

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