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D1 Random City Encounters

  1. A group of children run up to the players asking for help. They claim that an evil wizard has trapped their parents in a painting and they can hear their voices calling for help.

  2. A group of dwarves are having a fierce argument over the best way to mine for diamonds.

  3. The local thieves' guild is looking for new members. They are looking for anyone willing to do their bidding, no matter how menial. They have no requirements other than being able to keep their mouth shut. They are also always seeking information about their competition. If players ask about joining, they will invite them to a meeting and offer them a chance to prove themselves by stealing something for them.

  4. A man is shouting about how green is not a color and it's not even a word!

  5. A group of farmers are protesting the rising taxes imposed on their crops by the local lord. If players join in the protest, they will catch the attention of the lord and potentially start a rebellion.

  6. Citizens gather to watch as two elderly wizards argue furiously over a chess game that's allegedly been ongoing for decades. Their bickering escalates into a magical duel that threatens to engulf the entire square in chaos.

  7. The players are approached by a group of traveling minstrels who offer to let them join in on their performance. Whether they have musical skills or not, the players must try to impress the audience and earn some extra gold.

  8. A group of women are walking down the street, talking about the price of clothing.

  9. A group of children are playing in an alleyway. They are singing a song about a local hero who died recently in battle.

  10. The players encounter a man selling "health potions," but after drinking it, they realize it was just colored water and the man is a scam artist.

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