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D1 Random City Encounters

  1. A group of men and women are walking down the street, talking about the weather.

  2. The players stumble upon a secret underground fighting ring where captured monsters are forced to battle for the entertainment of the wealthy. They could choose to free the monsters or become part of the audience.

  3. A group of soldiers is standing guard outside a building on the corner of a street in the city. The soldiers are protecting something inside that no one else knows about yet.

  4. A man is selling maps of the local region, showing the location of nearby dungeons and other interesting locations.

  5. The players come across a group of townspeople who have been turned into mindless zombies by a necromancer. They must find the source of the zombies and stop the necromancer.

  6. A small potion shop is being overrun by rats. The players can help the owner get rid of them or use their skills to find out why the rats are drawn to the shop in the first place.

  7. A man is wandering the streets, muttering to himself about seeing a dragon.

  8. A small dog is tied up to a post near a shop. It will bark at the players when they get close.

  9. A group of 2d6+2 humans are standing in front of a store. They are angry because they purchased a product that they believe is faulty. They are demanding a refund or a replacement.

  10. The players come across a fortune teller's cart. The fortune teller will offer to read their futures, but it will all be vague and general statements that could apply to anyone.

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