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D1 Random City Encounters

  1. A woman is walking around with a babydoll on her arm. If anyone gets too close to her or the babydoll, she will shout, 'Stay back! It's alive! It's alive!'

  2. A young woman is walking down the street, singing a song about the dragon she is in love with.

  3. Two men are fighting over a gold coin that's covered in blood.

  4. A group of children are playing a game of hide-and-seek in an alley. If players join in, they will notice that one child is missing and is hiding in a barrel nearby.

  5. A man is selling gloves that he says will make the wearer's hands invisible for one hour when worn. He says they were made by a wizard in the city and he found them in an abandoned dungeon nearby. He wants 100GP for each glove and he has 6 pairs.

  6. A man is walking around wearing a cloak that has a bunch of bells sewn into its hem. If anyone gets too close to him or his cloak, he will shout, 'Stay back! I'm armed and dangerous!'

  7. A group of children are playing with a ball and get into a fight. A woman comes out of her house and yells at them to stop fighting or she will beat them all up. She is holding a wooden spoon and looks like she means business!

  8. A group of children playing in the street. They are singing about how much they love the king.

  9. A group of people are gathered around a fire, telling stories about dragons and giants. One of the stories is about a dragon that has been terrorizing the city recently.

  10. A group of men are gathered around a barrel of wine, celebrating their latest victory.

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