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D1 Random City Encounters

  1. A giant tries to sell you a large sword. It's not a very good sword, but it's large and will make the players feel like they're getting something valuable.

  2. You come across a group of adventurers preparing for a journey to a distant land. They tell you stories of the dangers they will face, and the treasures they will find.

  3. A woman in a beautiful red dress is being chased by a group of angry men. The players could either help her or stay out of the conflict.

  4. A group of men are advertising a local brothel, saying that the prices are very reasonable, and the women are beautiful.

  5. A tired mother is trying to keep track of her mischievous children as they dart through the crowd.

  6. The players come across a group of performers putting on a puppet show in the town square. But as the performance goes on, the puppets start to move on their own, revealing a sinister plot by the puppeteers to control the town's ruler.

  7. A pair of jesters are performing acrobatic tricks, entertaining the crowd with their antics.

  8. A street vendor is selling seemingly ordinary apples. However, when the players take a bite, they are transported to a different time or place, depending on the type of apple.

  9. An insistent child tugs at your sleeve, claiming to be the heir to a vanished kingdom. They seek help recovering a hidden artifact that will regain their throne, but the artifact is said to be cursed, bringing ruin to all who possess it.

  10. A group of rich merchants are buying up all of the grain in the city. They are selling it at an inflated price to the common people. They have hired a group of mercenaries to protect their carts from thieves and bandits.

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