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D1 Random City Encounters

  1. A man is standing on a street corner, shouting about the end of the world. He is dressed in rags, and is visibly delirious. If anyone tries to talk to him, he will ramble about how the gods are angry with the city, and will warn about great disasters to come. He is actually a mad prophet.

  2. A drunken man is being dragged along the street by a group of thugs. He will beg for help, and the party can help him by taking the thugs on. The drunk man is actually a spy from another kingdom.

  3. A band of 3d5 goblins are looking for food and shelter. They will attack anyone they see.

  4. An elderly woman is sitting on a street corner, begging for money. She says she is starving, and needs food to survive. If anyone gives her any money, she will say 'thank you' and move on. She will then buy wine with it instead of food.

  5. A group of guards are walking down the street, laughing and joking. One of them is pulling a small cart filled with dead rats.

  6. A man with a clipboard is standing on the corner. He is looking for people who will participate in a psychological study.

  7. Players hear two men arguing about a nearby dungeon. One man says it's filled with treasure, while the other says it's filled with death. They're both right.

  8. A group of children are playing with a toy dragon. It's not very good.

  9. At any time during the day or night, a group of 2d4+2 cultists are praying in the street.

  10. A man is standing on the street, shouting about the end of the world. When questioned, he says it's because the Comet is coming.

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