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D1 Random Graveyard Encounters

  1. A group of 1d4+2 bandits are camped out in one of the tombstone alcoves. They are waiting for a merchant to pass by and rob them.

  2. A group of people are gathered around a grave in the graveyard. They are mourning the death of a man named John. John was a nobleman who helped everyone in the village whenever they had problems, no matter how severe or trivial. He was loved by everyone in the village.

  3. Players find a group of 3d4 zombies who are talking to each other about their plans to attack the village nearby. They don't know what the players look like so they're not worried about them.

  4. A group of 1d4+1 Bone Men are surrounding a tombstone. They are trying to dig up the body for food.

  5. A woman is asleep on one of the tombstones. She's drunk.

  6. Players come across a group of 2d4 skeletons who are fighting over a skull bone. If players get too close, they will attack.

  7. A group of bandits have set up a temporary camp in a mausoleum. They are planning to ambush caravans that pass through the graveyard on their way to the nearby village.

  8. Two nearby mounds shift, revealing two ghouls. The ghouls attack.

  9. The party comes across a group of 2d4 ghouls who are digging their way out of their graves. They will attack anyone they see and they are being commanded by a brain-in-a-jar that is held by a living ghoul who is hiding nearby and waiting for an opportunity to strike.

  10. The party sees an old man in a robe who is praying at a grave. His name is Erran Blackheart. He is a necromancer and has been raising the dead for several years.

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