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D1 Random Graveyard Encounters

  1. Two undertakers are carrying a coffin out of a crypt beneath a tombstone. One of the undertakers says, 'This one's ready to go. Want to put it in the back?' The other undertaker says, 'Sure. There's no one around tonight after dark, so let's take it now.' The undertakers then put the coffin in their cart and drive off down the road with it, traveling toward their funeral home where they plan on putting the body on display so they can trick people into buying expensive caskets and then charge people even more money for a burial plot since they will be making more money off of the body than they would by just giving people cheap caskets and letting them bury the body themselves at a public graveyard because no one wants to be buried next to someone who has been robbed by undertakers.'

  2. A group of people are gathered around a grave in the graveyard. They are celebrating the life of a woman named Sarah. Sarah was a kind woman who helped everyone in the village whenever they had problems, no matter how severe or trivial. She was loved by everyone in the village.

  3. A group of elves are paying respects to one of their fallen kin. This elf was a hero of the elven people and his tomb is in this graveyard. They will pay respects for 2d6 hours before leaving.

  4. The tombstones that mark the graves of the people who lived in the town are old and weathered.

  5. A group of 1d4+2 skeletons are looking for a place to rest. They look tired and they smell terrible.

  6. A young couple is in the process of getting married, and they are being attacked by two werewolves. The werewolves were attracted by the sound of the wedding bells. If players help, they will learn that the bride is actually a werewolf, but she is marrying a werewolf hater in an effort to keep the peace between were-creatures and humans.

  7. A Local Thief: A local thief wants to know if there are any places in the graveyard that are not well lit at night.

  8. A group of revelers are celebrating the holiday by drinking and getting drunk. They have set up a small campfire.

  9. A group of merchant travelers are camped out in the graveyard. They have set up a small campfire. They are telling stories and laughing.

  10. A group of men and women are signing up for a tour of a local haunted house.

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