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D1 Random Graveyard Encounters

  1. A group of 2d4 zombies begin to attack the players. They will do anything to kill the players. They will not respond to communication attempts.

  2. The spirit of an old gravedigger appears, offering to reveal hidden burial sites of legendary heroes in exchange for the party performing rites to honor the dead.

  3. Strange footprints in the mud suggest a recent visitor; whether friend or foe is unknown.

  4. A young girl runs up to the players, desperately pleading for their help. She claims that her parents have been kidnapped by a group of skeletons and taken to a nearby mausoleum. However, when the players arrive at the mausoleum, they realize the girl herself is a powerful necromancer, and the skeletons are her minions.

  5. The restless ghost of a master thief offers the adventurers their techniques and secrets for freeing his spirit from the grave robbery trap that binds him.

  6. A group of people are standing around at a graveyard. They are discussing the recent death of a person who was recently buried.

  7. A gentle breeze causes the leaves to rustle softly, as if whispering secrets of the dead.

  8. Two men are sitting on top of a tomb, drinking wine and talking about their day. They will offer the players some wine if they have any on them. If the players refuse, they will get off their perch and leave in a huff. If the players accept, they will get drunk and become friends with the players for the rest of the adventure, helping them out whenever they can and even protecting them from danger if necessary.

  9. A timeworn piece of armor telling tales of an old battle lies half-buried in the earth.

  10. The grave of a fallen hero is desecrated, and the spirit of the hero is restless and angry. He will seek revenge on the ones who disturbed his final resting place.

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