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D1 Random Graveyard Encounters

  1. The party finds a man standing in the middle of the road. He is confused and thinks he is in the middle of the street. If the party helps him, he will lead them to a nearby village and introduce them to a beautiful woman who is looking for suitors.

  2. A wandering bard appears in the graveyard, playing a lively tune on his lute. If the players listen closely, they may find clues hidden in the lyrics about a powerful artifact buried in the graveyard.

  3. A portal to the Shadowfell has opened in the graveyard, causing strange and disturbing creatures to cross over. The players must close the portal before the creatures become a threat to the nearby town.

  4. A group of 1d4+2 tomb robbers are digging up a grave. They are looking for treasure. They will attack the players if they get in the way. If they find treasure, they will fight to the death to keep it.

  5. A group of humans are trying to buy a zombie slave. The seller wants an insane amount of money for it. If the players help them, they will get a discount on the zombie slave. It's still insane though.

  6. The players encounter a group of wandering spirits who are stuck in a never-ending loop of reliving their deaths. The players may be able to help them break the loop and finally move on to the afterlife.

  7. A group of men are talking about how one of them saw a lich roaming around in the graveyard recently. One man doesn't believe him, but the others do. They will try to convince the players to go and look for themselves.

  8. You see a group of 1d4+3 ghouls hiding in the shadows. They are hoping to ambush anyone who approaches the grave markers.

  9. Players find a man who is carrying a casket. The casket is covered in blood and the man looks like he has been in battle. If the players ask, he will tell them that he was a warrior in a faraway kingdom and that he was hired by an old woman to kill a band of goblins that has been harassing her for a few weeks now.

  10. A group of grave robbers are searching for hidden treasure among the graves. The party may have to fight them off and protect the sanctity of the cemetery.

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