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D1 Random Graveyard Encounters

  1. The players come to a fork in the road. One road leads to a nearby village, the other leads to a small graveyard with a stone crypt in the center of it. As they walk towards it, they see a lantern hanging above a giant stone door that says 'Beware, Death Lurks Within'.

  2. An old woman is sitting on a tombstone. She is holding a box full of kittens. The woman is looking for a home for the kittens.

  3. A group of 2d6 zombies shuffle through the graveyard. They are carrying an heavy Cast-Iron Cookware that is engraved with the name 'Nefarious' on one side of the pot. The cookware is extremely heavy, weighing about 10 lbs. +

  4. You see a group of 1d4+4 zombies attacking a nearby village, which has hired a group of mercenaries to protect them (the mercenaries have been hired for 1d10 weeks, and they have 11 troops - each troop has 4 Hit Dice and are armed with short swords and shields).

  5. A group of men are digging up a grave. They are trying to find a body to harvest for bones.

  6. The sound of a battle can be heard coming from the nearby graveyard. If investigated, players will find several half-orc barbarians fighting with skeletons. If players join in on the fight, the barbarians will be surprised and grateful.

  7. The party sees a group of 1d4 skeletons. The skeletons are holding hands and singing to one another.

  8. Two nearby mounds shift, revealing two ghouls. The ghouls attack.

  9. A group of 2d4+2 skeleton warriors are digging up a grave nearby. They are looking for treasure. If the players approach, they will attack.

  10. A group of 2d4 skeletons are standing in the road, arguing about what kind of bones they are. They don't attack.

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