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D1 Random Forest Encounters

  1. The players come across a cliff with a steep incline. As they attempt to climb it, they realize it is actually a giant mimic in disguise. It will try to devour anyone who gets too close.

  2. The adventurers encounter a jester hare named Jolly, who juggles forest fruits and tells puns. He gifts the players with a Jester's Hat, which offers a charisma bonus but makes the wearer irresistible to forest critters looking for entertainment.

  3. A large, black fog blocks the path in front of the party. If they approach, a spirit appears and issues a warning to leave the area.

  4. A group of seven humans, three elves, and two dwarves are walking along the road singing a song about a battle that happened a long time ago. They are on their way to a wedding.

  5. A merchant is walking down the trail. He is carrying a large sack of gold. He is being followed by three bandits. The merchant is tired and is ready to give up his gold. If the players intervene, they will receive 1d6x10x10 gold pieces as a reward. If the players do not intervene, the bandits will attack and kill the merchant.

  6. A group of 2d6 dwarves are searching for their king, who was lost during a hunting trip.

  7. The sound of a battle can be heard. When the players approach, they will find a human fighting a giant spider. The human will thank the players for saving his life. His name is Ermold, and he is a merchant. He was attacked by the spider, and almost died from the poison it injected into him.

  8. In the distance, the players see a giant. If the players approach, the giant will attack.

  9. A group of 2d6 hobgoblin archers are in the forest.

  10. A group of 1d4 ice elementals have invaded the forest, causing the temperature to drop drastically. The creatures of the forest are struggling to survive in the cold. Players must find a way to defeat the ice elementals and bring warmth back to the forest.

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