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D1 Random Forest Encounters

  1. A group of 4d4 gnolls are hunting in the area. They are looking for food to feed their pack of dire wolves.

  2. A group of traveling merchants is camped in the woods, hoping to catch a break from the bandits in the area. They are offering their customers a 10% discount off their goods.

  3. The players see a group of men and women gathering firewood to sell to passing merchants and traders that travel through the forest.

  4. A group of peasants are sitting around a fire. They're having a discussion about the local lord. One of them says, 'I don't know what we're so afraid of.' The others agree and say things like: 'Yeah,' 'Right,' 'Definitely,' 'Exactly,' etc. The last thing they say before going back to talking about how strange it is that the peasants are so scared of their lord is: 'Yeah... Exactly... Exactly... Exactly... Exactly! What did I say?'

  5. An old man is walking down the road. He is wearing blue robes. He is holding a cane. He says his name is Old Man Peabody and he is a wizard. He says he is looking for a party of adventurers to help him with a problem he is having.

  6. The party comes across a group of men and women who are tired and hungry. They ask players for help. The men and women are actually scouts for a group of mercenaries, and they are looking for easy prey.

  7. The party hears the sound of an argument. If they investigate, they will find a group of 3d6 human villagers arguing about whether or not to hire the party to deal with the goblin problem in their village.

  8. When the players stop to camp for the night, all of their food turns into rotten meat.

  9. A group of 2d6+3 dwarves approach the players and tell them that they have been sent by their king to escort them safely to their destination. The dwarves are actually a group of mercenaries who have been hired to protect the players from danger along their journey.

  10. A group of hobgoblins are marching down the path. They are on their way to attack a nearby village.

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