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D1 Random Forest Encounters

  1. The forest path narrows and becomes overgrown. A group of 2d6 goblins attack the party.

  2. A man is standing in the middle of the road, holding up a hand, trying to stop the players from passing him by. He tells the players that he has lost his horse and he needs help finding it. He will ask the players to help him search for it. If the players help him, they will find his horse. It will be a beautiful white stallion that looks like it is made out of pure marble. The horse is actually a magical horse that will bring great fortune to whoever rides it.

  3. Be wary of imitators. A passing wizard imitates the voice of a local merchant, then vanishes.

  4. You come across a small village where all of the buildings are made out of wood and straw with all of the doors made out of leather and held together by string from different kinds of animals such

  5. A group of 3d4+3 dwarves are walking down the road. They are looking for work and are willing to join up with a party for a year and a half a month.

  6. A group of 1d10 knights on horseback pass by, escorting a nobleman to his castle which is nearby.

  7. Q - A group of 2d6 humans are gathering water from a nearby stream. They are on their way to a small village nearby.

  8. An old man is sitting on a log by the side of the trail, singing songs about heroes and adventure... He looks hungry and tired... If the players feed him or offer him shelter for the night, he will tell them a story about an ancient dungeon that is nearby... This dungeon has been abandoned for hundreds of years...

  9. A group of 2d4+2 travelers appear to be lost. They are happy to join the players if they can help them get to a nearby city.

  10. A group of humans is traveling through the forest on foot. They are on their way to a nearby town. They are very rich and have many valuables with them, including a rare magic item that they are willing to trade with players for something they might want or need.

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