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D1 Random Forest Encounters

  1. A party of 1d4+1 bandits are on their way to a nearby town to rob it. They are walking.

  2. The players encounter a group of 1d4+2 halflings who are hunting in the forest. If the players offer them food, they will tell the players about a nearby cave where they saw some dangerous creatures during their hunt.

  3. A spirit is sitting on a log by the side of the trail. It does not see the players at first but as they get closer it notices them and it attacks!

  4. A group of 3d6 men on horseback are going through the forest, looking for work. They are poor and will accept any work offered to them. Players can offer work or just give them some gold to get them to go away.

  5. A group of wizards are studying in a nearby clearing. They will offer to join the party if players help them with their research by fighting off an attack from a nearby band of orcs.

  6. A group of 3d6 humans are sitting around a campfire, talking about their latest hunting expedition where they went into a nearby forest to hunt down some wild animals for food and resources. They were surprised when they encountered a group of orcs while they were hunting, because they didn't expect to find orcs so far away from their usual territory. The orcs attacked immediately when

  7. Two groups of 2d4 goblins are fighting each other over territory. If players get too close, they will be attacked by both groups of goblins.

  8. more orcs joining the battle every round until they're defeated or until they have 10 more orcs than the number of players in the party.

  9. Up ahead the party sees a group of men walking down the road in their direction. They are wearing robes and carrying staffs. They are mages from a nearby mage guild or college of magic or whatever you want to call it, who are out for an evening stroll after a long day of casting spells in their basement laboratory or whatever you want to call it, who look like they are in a hurry to get someplace else.

  10. P

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