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D1 Random Forest Encounters

  1. Players encounter an old man and his grandson who are gathering firewood for their fireplace. The old man is having a hard time because his grandson keeps running off and getting into trouble. They need help finding him.

  2. A pack of 2d6 werewolves are chasing after a group of 3d6 sheep which are being herded by a group of 2d6 farmers who are armed with pitchforks and spears.

  3. Manticores are fighting with a group of orcs. No players can participate in this battle. The orcs and manticores are allies with one another. If the players interfere, the orcs will turn on them. They will fight until one side is dead.

  4. A group of hunters looking for deer

  5. The party sees a group of 2d6+2 humans arguing about which way to go through the forest. They will hire the party if they can pay them any amount of gold. They will offer information about the area if they are bribed or threatened.

  6. Up ahead the party sees a group of men walking down the road in their direction. They are wearing robes and carrying staffs. They are mages from a nearby mage guild or college of magic or whatever you want to call it, who are out for an evening stroll after a long day of casting spells in their basement laboratory or whatever you want to call it, who look like they are in a hurry to get someplace else.

  7. You come across a group of hunters who have been tracking a large bear. They have been tracking the bear for several days and are getting nervous because the bear has been circling their camp at night. If players talk to the hunters, they will tell them that they are not sure what is causing the bear to circle their camp at night.

  8. X 1d4 gnomes are planting mushrooms to sell to the local tavern. They have 1d6 mushrooms for sale.

  9. A small spire-like structure is seen in the distance. Upon closer inspection, this spire is actually the top of a large obelisk.

  10. A group of hunters are hunting in the woods. They seem to be hunting something big and dangerous.

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