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D1 Random Forest Encounters

  1. A group of 2d6+2 soldiers are standing by a small campfire. They are on their way to a nearby village to help defend it against an invasion by ogres and giants.

  2. A group of 2d4 hobgoblins and 2d4 orcs are holding up the caravan traveling along the trade route.

  3. A group of 1d4+1 elven rangers are standing by a small campfire. They are on their way to a nearby village to help defend it against an invasion by goblins and kobolds.

  4. A group of elves are walking through the forest on their way to a nearby elven outpost. They are lost and need help finding their way back to the main trail.

  5. In front of you is a signpost with three arrows pointing in different directions. One arrow points to an abandoned dwarven mine, one arrow points to an abandoned elven village, and one arrow points to an abandoned human village.

  6. Fell Monster is after a group of Druids who camp in the forest.

  7. A group of 2d6+2 dwarves are walking in the direction of the players. They are coming from an underground fortress. The fortress is a home to a group of 2d6 goblins and 1d4 hobgoblins. The dwarves are looking for treasure and want to sack the fortress. If the players choose to help them, they will find a chest full of gold coins, gems, and jewelry.

  8. A chest filled with gold and jewels, but it is trapped.

  9. A group of 3d6 goblins are searching for food in a nearby wooded area. They will attack if players get too close!

  10. A group of 3d4 goblins come out of hiding and attack!

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