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D1 Random Forest Encounters

  1. A group of men and women in chain mail and shields are running through the forest as if they are being chased by something. They scream as they run by, and the players can see that their shields have the crest of an army from a foreign land not far from this area of the woods. They are running east to west, away from the players.

  2. Eerie noises are heard in the distance. The players can see nothing in the distance. An old woman is sitting on a log. She is wearing a cloak and has a staff. She is staring at the sky. The old woman asks the players if they have seen her dog. If the players are kind, she will give them a magic sword.

  3. A traveler is walking through the woods. He is looking for the way out. This should be a mid-level encounter for a party of any level. He is a monk, and he is lost. He is trying to find the other monks and nuns. If the party asks, he will say that he is looking for the abbey and he is lost. He will be friendly, and he will not attack.

  4. You come across a group of 1d4+1 gnolls who are led by a gnoll shaman who is level six and possesses a staff made out of bones. The gnolls are hunting deer and rabbits.

  5. A group of one thousand orcs are marching along the road. They are singing a song about a battle that happened a long time ago.

  6. Wailing of a baby in the distance. It can be heard faintly in the background. A group of 2d6+2 humans are praying and wailing over the baby. If they are disturbed, they will attack.

  7. A group of men and women are celebrating near a campfire. If players approach them, they will ask for help with their problem. The men and women are actually merchants who were robbed by bandits. They were celebrating because they were able to get some of their goods back.

  8. A group of 3d4 Halfling thieves are planning a heist on a local village. They will ask the party to help them with the heist. If the party decides to help them with their heist, they will end up getting double-crossed by the halflings and lose all their money and items as well as get arrested by the town guard.

  9. Up ahead, players can hear a group of humans arguing about something. As players get closer, they will hear that they are arguing about a magical potion. The potion has been cursed by a powerful wizard and they will give it to players to destroy it if they do not want to drink it.

  10. A man is standing in the middle of the road, holding up a hand, trying to stop the players from passing him by. He tells the players that he has lost his horse and he needs help finding it. He will ask the players to help him search for it. If the players help him, they will find his horse. It will be a beautiful white stallion that looks like it is made out of pure marble. The horse is actually a magical horse that will bring great fortune to whoever rides it.

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