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D1 Random Forest Encounters

  1. A party of 2d4+2 orcs emerge from the forest. They are in a bad mood and are looking for a fight. They are carrying torches and wearing leather armour. They are armed with swords, axes, and crossbows.

  2. more orcs joining the battle every round until they're defeated or until they have 10 more orcs than the number of players in the party.

  3. A group of 2d6+2 soldiers are standing by a small campfire. They are on their way to a nearby village to help defend it against an invasion by gnolls and lizardfolk.

  4. A group of gnolls are running towards the players. They are trying to get away from a group of half-orcs. Half-Orcs are chasing the gnolls and throwing rocks at the gnolls.

  5. The players come across a group of 1d4 half-elf rangers and their wolf companions, who are out on patrol.

  6. A group of 2d6 goblin scouts are in the forest.

  7. A group of orcs are sitting around a campfire, eating roast horse. They will notice the players and attack.

  8. A group of 2d4 elves are walking down the road. They are singing about how great elves are. They will stop and sing for anyone who stops to listen.

  9. For some, the truth is more important than the facts. A passing cleric makes up a story about the local area.

  10. The players stumble on a camp. It has 2d6+2 goblins who are cooking fish over a raging fire. The goblins will ask for food and will trade for it with the players. The goblins are not very smart and will trade for anything that is shiny or will light on fire.

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