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300+ D&D Random Beach Encounter Ideas

D1 Random Beach Encounters

  1. A magnificent arch made of coral has washed up on the shore.

  2. A group of Elves have set up camp on the beach. One of them is sitting on the beach with his back to the dune, staring at the sky. The others are setting up a camp. They are completely ignoring you as you approach but will openly stare at you if you stop. They all seem sad, but refuse to talk to you when you approach.

  3. Someone is combing the sands with a metal detector.

  4. A pair of old boots, inexplicably placed in the sand, remains unused.

  5. A group of dwarves are sitting on the beach. They are drinking ale and singing drinking songs. They will tell players their story about how they got to the coast and how they intend to get back home.

  6. A group of men are playing a game of cards. They look up as the players approach. If the players approach, they will ask if they want to join their game.

  7. An old man is trying to fix his fishing net. He needs help fixing his net.

  8. You see a group of humans playing with a large ball. They are laughing and having a good time. If players approach, they will invite them to join them in a game of Beach ball. If players join in, they will tell them that they're going to cheat. They will tell players not to get mad when they cheat.

  9. A small bonfire crackles, with people gathered around, roasting marshmallows.

  10. A group of halflings are cooking on a fire. They are eating some kind of fish they caught. They are very friendly and will talk to the party. They will have a fight with a group of wolf-like monsters over their fish.

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