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D1 Random Beach Encounters

  1. A man is walking along the beach, singing to himself. He is carrying a large sack of grain on his back. He is singing a song about how hard his life is and how much he wants to leave but can’t afford it.

  2. A group of children are playing along the beach. They are throwing rocks into the ocean and laughing and joking with one another.

  3. An old man is sitting on the beach selling fish. He has been sitting there for a few days, and he is covered in lice. He will not talk about the death of the other old man on the beach.

  4. A group of men are throwing rocks into the water for the fun of it. They are about 200 yards out and throwing stones as hard as they can. If anyone asks, they will say that they are practicing for a target game, but they are not. They just like to throw rocks as hard as they can.

  5. A group of 8 men with sticks and stones are beating up a man. The man seems to be unable to fight back. The players can stop the attackers, or they can leave knowing the victim will get a beating, but nothing worse than that.

  6. A group of fishermen are bargaining with a group of mermaids for safe passage through their waters.

  7. A group of seagulls is circling above the beach, harassing any nearby creatures. If the players can drive them away, they will be rewarded with a mysterious trinket.

  8. A group of young women are walking along the beach with an elderly woman. The elderly woman is lost and will ask the players for help. If the players help her, she will reward them with a magic item. She doesn't have it on her. The young women are her granddaughters and they are angry with her. They will attack the players if they try to help the elderly woman.

  9. A woman has built a large fire and is cooking fish that she has caught while fishing along the coast.

  10. A random encounter table is set up on the beach. There are ten items on it and players can choose one to take.

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