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D1 Random Beach Encounters

  1. A group of young men and women are running along the beach, laughing and throwing seashells at each other. They see the players and run away, screaming that they have been warned about the dangers of traveling on the beach.

  2. A group of 3d4 giant lizards are lying on the beach. They are sleeping in the sun.

  3. A group of young men are racing their horses on the beach, hoping to impress the ladies nearby.

  4. A group of 2d6+2 eagles are flying overhead, cawing noisily.

  5. Two old men are sitting on the beach, talking. One of them is wearing a large cloak and has a staff. The other old man is wearing rags and has long, white hair and a long beard. They are talking about a dragon.

  6. Players come across a group of local fishermen. They are gutting a freshly caught fish. The players can get some information about the area from them. The fishermen are about to leave, but if the players offer to help gut the fish, they will stay and talk.

  7. Two men are digging a hole in the beach. If asked what they are doing, they will say they are trying to dig to the center of the world.

  8. A group of men are fishing on the beach. They will invite players to join them for dinner. If they accept, they will be attacked by a giant octopus that dragged its tentacles onto shore during an earlier tide change and is now trapped on dry land, hungry and pissed off.

  9. A wrecked ship is washed up on the beach. There's a small chest on the deck with a small lock on it. The chest is filled with sea shells.

  10. A group of children are playing in the sand. They are making sandcastles. They want the players to join them in the game. They will ask the players to be their king or queen for the day.

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