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D1 Random Beach Encounters

  1. A group of humans are playing a game of 'who can throw the farthest' just outside of the city limits. A wager is riding on the game. The players can join in and bet on it, or they can simply watch and hope that no one gets hurt.

  2. Yawwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwn. A man is sleeping on the beach, snoring loudly.

  3. A group of colorful parrots are seen flying overhead. They are followed by a bunch of angry seagulls that are trying to attack the parrots.

  4. A group of 2d6+4 mermen are swimming in the water. They are looking for a lost fisherman who disappeared a few hours earlier.

  5. A group of women are bathing in the sea. They will ask the players to join them. If they accept, they will be attacked by a group of merfolk who don't like humans bathing in their sea.

  6. A man has built a large fire and is waiting for a ship to arrive. He's been stranded on the beach for weeks and has run out of food and water.

  7. You see a group of merfolk swimming in the ocean. They appear to be carrying large sacks filled with something heavy. It looks as though they are returning from a successful raid on a nearby fishing village.

  8. You see a group of 3d4+3 orcs attacking a nobleman's carriage. They will attack the players, and then flee if they lose the fight.

  9. A group of humans are arguing about whether or not humans are better than elves. They are getting very heated and are about to come to blows.

  10. A group of men and women are sitting around a camp fire, singing songs and telling stories. They are laughing as they tell the story of how they stole a very valuable item from a nearby village.

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