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D1 Random Beach Encounters

  1. A group of 16 gruff looking sailors emerge from a nearby village and head onto the beach, carrying a small boat. They all look drunk, or hung over. They are carrying a chest with 60gp in it.

  2. A carriage appears out of nowhere, comes to a stop, and then the driver urges his horses to gallop off into the distance.

  3. A group of humans are selling trinkets to passing humans. They are selling cheap, but useful trinkets. If players approach, they will offer to sell them their trinkets. They want 1 GP for each trinket, but they are willing to negotiate.

  4. A shipwreck is located on a nearby island. Its cargo holds contains mysterious artifacts that could turn the tide of the adventure.

  5. A group of humans are throwing rocks into the ocean water in an attempt to knock fish into the shore where they can be easily caught by humans.

  6. You discover a deserted island with a strange contraption on it. Investigating reveals it to be a magical portal that transports the players to a strange and mysterious land.

  7. A group of men are walking along the beach, heading inland. They are wearing their best clothes and are looking very nervous.

  8. A group of men are looking for a map that was washed up on the beach. They will trade information for information.

  9. A group of people are holding an archery contest. Players can participate in it and win great prizes, or they can challenge the contest organizer to a match of skill. If they win they will win the contest prizes and the favor of the organizers.

  10. A group of Elves have set up camp on the beach. One of them is sitting on the beach with his back to the dune, staring at the sky. The others are setting up a camp. They are completely ignoring you as you approach but will openly stare at you if you stop. They all seem sad, but refuse to talk to you when you approach.

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