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D1 Random Beach Encounters

  1. You see two sea giants wrestling in the surf, it is unclear what they are laughing about.

  2. Six members of 'The Black Hand' are sitting on the beach, drinking wine and talking about their adventures in the mountains. They are wearing leather armor and have bows and arrows and short swords and daggers and shields.

  3. You find a man stealing fish from a fisherman’s stand. He almost gets away with it until he trips over the boardwalk. The fisherman catches him from behind and is about to beat him up when an elf appears and stops him, saying that the man was stealing food to feed his family because he was hungry and doesn't have anywhere else to go to get food.

  4. A magical gelatinous cube is slowly creeping its way through the sand, leaving a strange glistening trail behind it.

  5. A group of children are playing a game of 'capture the flag' on the beach. They are running around and having fun.

  6. A group of merfolk are sitting on the beach, mourning the loss of their queen. They are placing seashells on her body, which is washed up on the beach. If players approach, they will tell them her tragic story.

  7. As you approach the beach, you see a man sitting in a small wheelchair on the beach. He is dressed in a white suit and is holding a spear and a large net. The man is watching three children playing Pirates and Mermaids on the beach with a watchful eye. If you approach him, he will say "Hello there" in a cheerful voice that sounds like it comes from somewhere else.

  8. An ancient ruin is found in the sand. Inside are traps and monsters, as well as a powerful artifact that could be of great use to the players.

  9. A group of sea-nymphs are seen playing in the surf. They will offer to give the party a magical gift if they can help them find the Sea King.

  10. A man and his dog are standing on the beach, looking out across the sea. The dog is looking for a ball that was thrown into the water by his master.

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