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D1 Random Beach Encounters

  1. A group of young halflings are sitting on the beach and singing a song about how they're going to be great adventurers some day and they're not going to sit around and be farmers like their parents expect them to.

  2. The players find a beautiful seashell. If they listen, they hear a beautiful song. If they keep listening, they go mad!

  3. A bolt of lightning strikes in the distance, and a few moments later, a wave crashes into the beach.

  4. A group of 2d6+4 mermen are swimming in the water. They are on their way to a nearby village to trade their goods. They will offer the players some of their goods at a discounted rate if they play their cards right.

  5. A group of halfling bards are singing about the glories of the halfling race. One of the halflings is actually a human who has been living in halfling territory for years. He has been accepted into the community and is a respected member of it.

  6. You see a group of 3d4+3 orcs attacking a nobleman's carriage. They will attack the players, and then flee if they lose the fight.

  7. A small sailing vessel crashes into the beach. Two men stagger out of the ship, injured from the crash. They're foreigners who don't speak the local language.

  8. A group of griffon riders are flying over the area. They are looking for prey. If they see you, they'll attack.

  9. A large hawk is sitting on a beach rock. It will attack anyone that approaches it.

  10. A woman is walking along the beach, looking for something she lost. She will ask the players if they've seen it. If they say yes, she will attack them. If they say no, she will attack them anyway. Her name is Kahron, and she wants to speak to the players' superiors! Right away! She is a mid-level mage.

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