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D1 Random Cave Encounters

  1. The players come across a small pond with a small waterfall flowing into it. If they look closely, they can see that the water has washed away the top layer of dirt and exposed part of a skeleton that was buried beneath it, as well as several coins that have been washed clean by the water, revealing that they are made of gold.

  2. A group of drunk dwarves are arguing with each other.

  3. A group of 3d6 men are out looking for easy targets, they are bandits and will attack the players if they look weak.

  4. A group of 3d4+2 bugbears are guarding a group of 3d4 humans that are carrying a large chest of gold. The humans are merchants and are heading to Waterdeep. The bugbears are planning to ambush the humans and take the treasure.

  5. You see two dead bodies, still being devoured by 1d6 wolves.

  6. The players come across a group of 2d6 goblins arguing over whether or not to attack a nearby cave entrance. They will attack the players if they get too close.

  7. The party sees a group of 2d6 robed halflings carrying sacks of supplies. They are heading away from the dungeon, towards the surface. The halflings are trying to hide from something in the cave system, and don't want to be found. The party can choose to help them or not, as they see fit.

  8. The players find a large pile of very large footprints. They are the size of a large orc or ogre. There is a shallow cave next to the footprints. It looks like someone is sleeping in the cave.

  9. Players encounter a group of 2d4 giant spiders. The spiders will attack the players if they get too close.

  10. In a cave deep in the mountains, you encounter a strange creature. It looks like a cross between a bat and a spider. The creature moves quickly and changes shape as it moves, making it hard to hit.

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