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D1 Random Cave Encounters

  1. A group of goblins sitting around a campfire singing songs about how much they hate their leader, Grod the Mighty, and how he treats them like slaves and how they'd love to rise up against him and get rid of him but they're too afraid of him to do it...

  2. The players hear a loud crashing sound from inside the cave! When investigated, a giant is ramming the walls in an attempt to break through! The giant is trying to get at the players!

  3. A group of 2d6 giant ants are attacking some giant lizards. The lizards will attack the players if they get too close.

  4. The players find a few orcs eating a meal. If the players approach, the orcs will try to ambush them.

  5. Dust-covered, undead adventurers appear, softly chanting an ancient hymn. Joining them grants necromantic powers but begins to drain your life every second.

  6. A group of 4 dwarves are exploring the cave, looking for treasure. They're drunk and will attack anyone they meet.

  7. Several spider webs decorate the corners, their creators nowhere in sight.

  8. Players come across a group of 2d6 dwarves who are digging for ore in the caves.

  9. A group of 1d4+2 kobolds with bows and arrows have invaded the cave and are hunting something.

  10. A group of 3d6 men are out looking for easy targets, they are bandits and will attack the players if they look weak.

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