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D1 Random Cave Encounters

  1. A mad dwarf is talking to himself and pacing through the cave. He is marked by a "N" on his forehead.

  2. Players find a cavern that is filled with a large pool of water. Several dead bodies are floating in the pool, but they aren't human bodies. They're giant lizard bodies. Two giant lizards, each about 40 feet long, are fighting each other in the pool.

  3. The players hear a loud clashing sound. When they investigate, they see a large group of humans fighting a group of orcs. The humans are wearing chainmail and have swords, the orcs are wearing leather armor and have bows.

  4. Players find a group of 2d4 giant lizards. The lizards will attack the players if they get too close.

  5. The players hear a dog barking far away from them. Upon investigation, they find a kobold dog tied up outside of a cave entrance. The kobold dog is trying to warn them about something in the cave. If players rescue the dog, it will follow them around and help them fight enemies for as long as it lives.

  6. A party of 3d20 hobgoblins has been hired by an evil necromancer to raid this area and kill all of the nearby humans. The necromancer has promised to raise the hobgoblins up and make them undead if they are killed in this area. If the players kill any of the hobgoblins and leave the bodies, they will be raised as undead by the necromancer in 1d4+2 days. The hobgoblins are looking for any treasure that can be used to bribe the necromancer. The players can try and take advantage of this situation and kill all of the hobgoblins for free treasure.

  7. A small family of goblins is found here, hiding from a larger band of goblins that attacked them earlier in the day. If players help them, they will lead them back to their camp and offer them lodging for the night and a reward (DM's discretion).

  8. A group of 3d4 manes (gargoyles) are sitting around a camp fire. They are not enemies, but will fight the players if they attack.

  9. The players find a small chest with a simple lock. The chest contains a small amount of gold and gems.

  10. A tunnel that leads from the depths below will eventually lead to a small cave. This cave is the home of 2d6 mage-enhanced goblins that are 10 HD creatures. These creatures have stolen some treasure from an adventurer and have it stashed in their cave.

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