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D1 Random Cave Encounters

  1. A party of 4d4+4 goblins are hiding in the cave, waiting for humans to come by so they can ambush them. They will run away if more than three humans approach. They will then hide in another area of the cave and attack again later.

  2. A group of 4 dwarves are exploring the cave, looking for treasure. They're sober and will trade with anyone they meet.

  3. A group of 2d6+3 kobolds attack the players. They are led by the kobold warrior, Snothead who has no right eye and is missing his right ear. He is a level three kobold warrior that carries a battleaxe and wears leather armor.

  4. The players stumble upon a group of 2d6+2 halflings. They are being attacked by a large pack of wolves. If the players help the halflings, the wolves will not attack the players.

  5. A group of 2d6 men in black robes are standing around a large fire in a cave. They are laughing and drinking. If players get close, they will attack with magic missiles and fireballs.

  6. A group of adventurers come across a group of 1d4 gnolls. The gnolls are led by a gnoll shaman. The gnolls are hunting a pack of wolves.

  7. A group of 1d4 ogres are in the process of making their final preparations for a raid on a nearby village. If players interfere, they will be attacked by the ogres and 3d6 hobgoblins.

  8. A large snake slithers down the path ahead of the players, followed by a small group of 1d4 hobgoblins that are trying to catch it! The hobgoblins will attack the players if they get in the way.

  9. Two dwarves are arguing about whether or not they should go on patrol...one of them has been poisoned by a dark elven assassin and will die within the next few hours unless he receives help from a healer! The other says, 'Too bad. You gots to work!'

  10. A group of 1d6+10 kobolds are arguing about whether or not they should attack the party. They will decide on their own.

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