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D1 Random Cave Encounters

  1. A small stream runs through the north-eastern side of the cave. At the end of stream is a small waterfall. It flows down into a small pond full of koi fish. A koi fish sitting on top of the waterfall will be seen falling into the pond and disappearing... It was just a shape-shifted water genasi scout!

  2. A party of 3d4+3 dwarves are exploring the caves. They will join with the players if they can eliminate the orcs and kobolds.

  3. The players come to a bridge across an underground river. The bridge is covered in blood and human bones. If players cross the bridge, they will be attacked by 2d4 crocodiles.

  4. A group of 2d6 dwarves are sitting around a campfire. They are telling stories about their adventures in the depths of the dwarven kingdom. They will invite the players to join them around the campfire. If the players accept, they will tell them about a hidden treasure in the depths of the dwarven kingdom. The treasure is actually a trap. The dwarves are actually members of a cult that is trying to lure the players into a trap. The cult is actually an offshoot of the main religion in the area.

  5. A group of 2d6 rouges are traveling through the cave as well, but don't seem to be enemies. They are either interested in joining the party by helping them, or want to bully them for fun.

  6. A group of bandits attack the players and demand all their money and valuables. If players resist, they will be attacked by two ogres who have been hiding nearby in wait for this moment.

  7. The party hears lots of laughing. If they investigate, they will find a group of hobgoblins gambling. They are drunk and have been playing a game of dice that they have been betting with. They have been playing all night.

  8. Players find a group of 1d4 orcs raiding an abandoned dwarven mine. They will attack if noticed.

  9. A party of 4d4+4 goblins are hiding in the cave, waiting for humans to come by so they can ambush them. They will run away if more than three humans approach. They will then hide in another area of the cave and attack again later.

  10. A strange glow emanates from a small cave in the wall. Inside the cave is a large crystal. If the players approach, they will notice that the crystal has strange markings on it. The markings are not any language they know. If players investigate the markings, they will find that they are in fact an ancient language, but they will not be able to read it. If they offer to buy it, the elves will refuse to sell it, but they will let them examine it if they want to.

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