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D1 Random Lake Encounters

  1. A group of elven fishermen are trying to catch fish and they are in a boat with snagged nets.

  2. A powerful mage has set up a magical laboratory on the edge of the lake, experimenting with new spells and potions. They may offer to teach the players a new spell in exchange for some rare ingredients.

  3. The distinct hum of cicadas fills the air.

  4. A beautiful woman on a raft is floating on the water. She is singing a haunting song that seems to tug at the hearts of those who hear it. She uses her song to lure passersby to her raft. She is a siren and she is building an army of slaves.

  5. A row of wind-blown reeds by the lakefront.

  6. An abandoned fishing net tangled in reeds.

  7. A bloodstained altar on the lake's shoreline has begun to quake violently. Local druids reveal that the altar must be cleansed with wolf’s blood gathered from a nearby pack within the next hour. Delay results in the altar summoning a demon that will attack the tranquil settlement and corrupt the water supply.

  8. As the party rests by the lake, they notice a group of 1d4 beautiful mermaids lounging on some rocks. They are singing and combing their hair, but when they see the party, they quickly dive back into the water in fear and do not resurface.

  9. A group of children playfully splashes near the shore.

  10. A group of bunnies are gamboling by the lake. They are innocent and pure. *cries*

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