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D1 Random Lake Encounters

  1. A swarm of mosquitos and other flying insects, accelerated by the presence of a storm front.

  2. A small islands sits in the middle of the lake, and atop it stands a crumbling tower with a flickering light at the top. The tower seems to have been abandoned, but strange noises can be heard emanating from within. As the party approaches, they will find out that it is actually a group of gnomes who have made the tower their home. They may offer to let the party stay the night, but their pranks and tricks may make for an interesting evening.

  3. The players spot a small boat with a gnome and a halfling inside, frantically bailing out water. As they get closer, the boat begins to sink and the two creatures tell the players that they were attacked by a giant lake monster and barely escaped. The players must hunt down and defeat the monster before it terrorizes anyone else on the lake.

  4. A mystic creature known as the Loch Ness Monster is rumored to reside in the depths of the lake. The party can choose to investigate the rumors and possibly encounter the elusive creature or dismiss them as mere superstition.

  5. Six gnomes with red beards and red hats are sitting around a campfire singing songs about gnomes and drinking wine and ale. They will invite players to join them in their drinking and singing if they do not mind a bit of blasphemy and bad jokes about various gods. The gnomes will continue drinking until they pass out or die from alcohol poisoning.

  6. A ship approaches, flying a flag with a bearded human face on it with two crossed axes below it...The captain of this pirate ship has long dark hair, a thick black beard and bright green eyes...Their captain's name is 'Thorgar'

  7. A group of 1d4+2 women are scrubbing the dirt and mud off their clothes. They are doing so because they fall into the lake when they were walking by the lake on their way to go shopping or visit a friend.

  8. Tent serving an exotic smelling stew for 1d10 cp

  9. Picking up a few odd jobs from villagers in the area, 2d4 farmers are headed to a nearby town to sell their harvest. One of the farmers is selling a box on his wagon, wrapped in a mat and secured with rope. He refuses to tell any of the adventurers what is inside the box. If the party tries to open the box, the farmer will attack. Inside the box is 200GP in gems. If the party asks the farmer what is in the box, the farmer will tell them that it is a costume that he is going to wear for the upcoming harvest festival. He is secretly planning to rob someone by using the costume to trick them. This is why he won't tell the party what is in the box. The costume is a ribboned gnome, and it has a few charges left for its illusionary spell (it has been used in the past).

  10. A group of 2d6+3 gnomes are floating in the water with their 3d6+3 pets. They are watching from a safe distance as their pets chase after fish and anything else that crosses their path. Their pets are a variety of animals such as spiders, dragons, and even giant rodents!

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