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D1 Random Lake Encounters

  1. The party sees a group of 4d6 goblins riding giant rats across the lake's surface. If players approach too closely, the rats will attack and the goblins will retreat back across the lake to safety.

  2. A group of 2d6 orcs are hiding out on the shore, waiting for a merchant to pass by. They plan on robbing the merchant and taking his horse and money.

  3. A group of 3d4 water-hags are waiting beneath the surface of the lake with their 1d4+1 daughters, ready to ambush any victims that might come by.

  4. A group of men and women approach the party and ask them if they have seen a group of thieves that are supposed to be traveling through the area.

  5. A group of 3d4 man-eating turtles are attacking the party.

  6. A local bard is sitting by a campfire, singing about an adventure in which he was almost killed by a troll but escaped due to his quick wits and magical lute.

  7. A group of old women are sitting around the lake, talking about their day and their plans for the future.

  8. A group of young men and women are having a party on a lake. They are having a bonfire and singing songs. They will invite the players to join them.

  9. A water elemental, who will attack the party if they approach too closely.

  10. The players hear screams in the distance. They find a group of 1d6 hobgoblins torturing a group of villagers. The hobgoblins will attack the players if they try to help the villagers.

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