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D1 Random Lake Encounters

  1. Two fishermen are talking about the recent murder in town. One of them says that he saw the murderer before he was captured. He says that he saw him talking to a strange man with red eyes. The other fisherman says that it must have been a demon that killed the nobleman. They agree to stay away from the water in case there are more demons in the area.

  2. A group of gnomes are crossing the lake in a small boat. They are on their way to the city.

  3. You see a group of 1d20+5 men who are wearing robes and chanting strange words while walking around in circles and making strange motions with their hands. They are casting a spell to summon a powerful spirit that will protect the town from invaders and thieves for one year and one day before vanishing into the astral plane.

  4. A group of 100 halflings, half-elves, humans, and dwarves are camped on the shore. The group is led by a half-orc. The group is waiting for a wizard to call up a water elemental.

  5. A group of farmers are using the lake as a water source for their crops. They are in the process of damming the lake to increase the water flow to their fields.

  6. A group of 2d6+2 halflings are fishing in a small boat. They are members of a nearby halfling tribe. They are fishing for food and are planning to trade their catch for metal weapons and metal armor.

  7. A group of drunk dwarves are singing songs about their adventures in the mines. They look like they're having a good time and they're quite loud.

  8. The party sees a rickety old rowboat floating in the middle of the lake. It is covered in vines and has leaves and dead bugs all over it. It looks like no one has used it in years. The party can make a Wisdom (Perception) check to see that someone has been using it recently (within the past week). If they investigate, they will find a campfire with some cooked fish on it. An old man is napping nearby. If disturbed, he will grumble about being woken up and tell them to go away before going back to sleep again

  9. A group of 1d4 half-giants are drinking beer near the shore of the lake. They are celebrating their latest hunt, and they have brought their prey to show the villagers.

  10. A ship approaches the shoreline. A half-orc, half-dragon creature with wings lands. It has a human torso, a dragon head and a tail. The creature is looking for something.

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