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D1 Random Lake Encounters

  1. A group of 2d6+2 dwarves are fishing in a small boat. They are members of a nearby dwarven tribe. They are fishing for food and are planning to trade their catch for metal weapons and metal armor.

  2. A group of fishermen are sitting on the dock, talking about their day at work. They talk about how hard it is to make a living as a fisherman and how they're considering finding other work because of how bad it's gotten since so many people are becoming farmers instead of fishermen. They talk about how prices for fish are getting so low that it's hard for them to make a living despite how hard they work.

  3. A group of young couples are walking by the shore of the lake, holding hands and laughing together as they pass by the players' campfire.

  4. On the water, the players see a small boat with a single passenger. If they approach, they will find a dwarf who is on his way to the city to find work. His name is Grunthar and he will offer to work for players for 2 sp per day.

  5. THUNDER! THUNDER! THUNDER! The players hear thunder coming from the sky, but there is not a cloud in the sky. A flicker of lightning and thunder can be seen in the distance. The lighting and thunder are coming from the direction of the distant land.

  6. A group of 1d10 soldiers are marching along the road. They will not answer any questions.

  7. A small bandit camp set up on the side of the road with 3d4 bandits inside, no one notices as long as players don't get too close or try to attack or steal from them, the bandits won't do anything unless attacked first, then attack back with their rusty swords and hand axes - then run away into the woods and hide again if need be

  8. A group of 2d6 giant crocodiles are swimming in the lake waiting for prey to come close.

  9. The sound of a beautiful song can be heard coming from an area nearby; if players investigate, they will find a group of elves gathered around a male drunkard whom they have been trying to help sober up for days; but he just keeps getting drunker and drunker no matter what they do; and speculating on whether or not he will ever sober up or if he's already dead inside - even though he's still standing on his feet and singing beautifully - because he's been standing there for so long now that his body seems like it's already dead even though he obviously isn't yet.

  10. Players come across a cabin with a sign that says: 'Help Wanted'. Inside the cabin is a man who looks like he is fit to be tied. He is sitting at the table with his feet on the table. He says: 'I can't find any help around here. But I'll give you a job if you want one.' The players see that there are two men with the same face sitting at the table. One of them has blue eyes, the other has red eyes.

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