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D1 Random Castle Encounters

  1. A group of 2d4 guards are walking down the hall, talking about their upcoming shift. They notice the players, and ask them if they will be on duty during their shift.

  2. A group of men and women are standing around talking about how dangerous it is in the city right now, with so many orcs roaming around and looting and pillaging, but they're doing their best to stay safe and not get caught up in any trouble.

  3. An old woman named Maggy comes to the castle gate and begs for food and shelter for the night. She says she is a witch, but she's probably just crazy – or a con artist.

  4. Greeting: a group of 2d4 men are walking through the hall. They are going to the market to buy supplies. If players talk to them, they will say nothing.

  5. The King has ridden through here on his way out to the field of battle. He left behind his war horse to rest here. The horse has been here for 5 years now and has been caged up for his whole life. He is very angry and very untrusting of people. If the party opens his cage, he will attempt to kill them by attacking them with his hooves and teeth. If the party is good with horses, they will be able to handle this wild horse without much trouble.

  6. The party will find a man sitting on the steps, singing a sad song about a lost love. He is a bard, and he is trying to write a new song, but he can't seem to find the right words.

  7. A group of 1d4+3 Giant Spiders are roaming the hall looking for food.

  8. The city watch arrests a man and woman for public drunkenness. They both protest their innocence and say they have been drugged by someone in the night club they work at (a local night club). Their boss swears they have not been drugged and that they have been working the night shift at the club collecting glasses and sweeping floors. They will be released if players can find any evidence to prove they were drugged or that they were working at the night club (a successful investigation check will reveal they had been working at the night club).

  9. The sound of what sounds like a huge fire rages in the distance.

  10. A group of men and women are sitting around a fire, singing a song about how great the Cult of Zan is and how they will be rewarded when they become members.

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