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D1 Random Castle Encounters

  1. A group of cultists are searching for a lost treasure.

  2. A group of 1d4+1 warriors are practicing with their weapons. They are preparing for a battle against orcs.

  3. Two guards are talking about how bored they are since there hasn't been any crime recently. They're looking for something to do and will escort the players to the local lord's castle if they want to go there for any reason. They'll also give them free maps and information about what has happened in the area in the last week or so for free if they want it. Bob and Tom are bored. Very, very bored.

  4. Two knights in armor approach you and ask if you have seen any Cult of the Dragon members.

  5. Players hear a man arguing with himself over something that happened in his past. He is clearly upset about it and keeps reliving the events over and over again in his mind. He keeps saying, 'I should have done this! I should have done that! I should have...' and he repeats it over and over again.

  6. The players hear a man singing a song of love in a room in the castle. It is a man trying to win a woman's heart by serenading her.

  7. A man is walking down the hall, humming to himself. He is carrying paperwork. If asked, he will tell players that he is carrying paperwork from one room to another. He will say this in a bored tone, as if he does it every day and he is tired of it. He will then continue walking down the hall. He is actually carrying a message from one king to another king.

  8. A group of men are gambling. One of them is cheating. The others are trying to catch him in the act.

  9. The party sees a small room. In the room, a group of people are standing around a small, circular table. They are talking about the rise of the kingdom. They don't notice the party.

  10. A group of 2d6 soldiers are walking down the hall, talking about their drill instructor. They notice the players, and ask them if they have met the drill instructor.

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