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D1 Random Castle Encounters

  1. In one of the rooms, the players find a magical talking sword. It can be used to fight powerful enemies.

  2. A group of 2d4+4 gnolls sit around a campfire in the middle of one of the rooms in the castle. They are drunk and singing songs about their victories against the local villagers and cities. If players approach, they will attack them with their spears!

  3. A group of 2d6 soldiers are celebrating in a tavern. They are planning on going on patrol in an effort to capture a group of bandits who have been plundering nearby villages.

  4. A group of men and women are holding a party in an abandoned section of the dungeon. If the players disturb them, they will attack.

  5. A noble is sitting on a bench in the hall. He is waving at you as you walk by. He wants you to do something for him.

  6. A zealous priest is preaching about the sin of vanity and how it has led Princess Gwendolyn to stray from the path of righteousness. The priest will not be hostile toward the players unless they try to stop him from attacking the princess.

  7. A group of 2d4 men are walking through the hall. They are going to the market to buy supplies. If players talk to them, they will say nothing.

  8. A man named John is standing in the hallway, looking at his feet and mumbling to himself about how he has failed his master. If players approach, he will become startled, apologize and run away. He is actually a ghoul who has been sent to lure people into danger by making them think he's a member of the party who has failed his mission and needs help getting out alive.

  9. A mysterious figure is standing in the shadows of one of the corridors. If the PCs investigate, they will find out that it is a magical talking mirror.

  10. The party sees a dwarf sitting on a stone bench. She is a cleric named Hazel. She asks the players to help her bury her husband, who was killed by orcs.

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