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D1 Random Ocean Encounters

  1. A merchant ship approaches and offers to trade with the party. The merchant sells and buys anything. His name is Algin Belaroon, and he is looking for a ship to sail back home on, but he doesn't want to pay any more than he has too. He will offer to buy or sell anything.(He is actually an assassin looking for a cover story while he tries to find a way to kill the party without anyone noticing.)

  2. An old man is sitting on the beach. He says that he was cast out by his people because he believes in merfolk and he wants to prove his people wrong by meeting one. He says that he has been sitting on the beach for years and he will reward the players if they bring him a merfolk scale or some other merfolk item that he can use as proof of his beliefs.

  3. A ship approaches the ship. It is a ship of war from a faraway land, flying the flag of that land and looking like a sinister place indeed.

  4. A creature attacks the players from above the water. It looks like a giant beak and has a long neck and wings like a bird. It's an ancient creature that's been locked in this part of the ocean for thousands of years. It's been sleeping and has been awakened by the sound of a boat or sea creature passing by.

  5. A whale approaches the ship and begins speaking to the ship's captain in a language he is familiar with. The whale is a wizard and will transport the ship to a nearby island where the players can find a blue dragon egg. The egg will be worth a lot of money.

  6. A giant squid attacks the ship!

  7. A flock of seagulls circles above the ship for a few moments and then flies away.

  8. A ship approaches, but it has no sails and no oars.

  9. A strange man comes on board and tries to sell the players his magic mirror for 1d4 x 100 gold pieces. The mirror is covered with tiny scratches and is worth only 1 gold piece as scrap metal.

  10. A large ship approaches with several armed men aboard. They are looking for escaped criminals who have been on the run for several months now. The criminals are hiding somewhere on this island chain, and the men in the armed ship are here to capture them.

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