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D1 Random Ocean Encounters

  1. A shipwreck drifts towards the players' ship. Upon boarding, they discover that the only survivor is a crazed hermit who has been living on the ship for years. He will offer to share his "treasure map," which is actually a random doodle he made in his boredom.

  2. A group of sentient jellyfish ask for the players' help in finding a new home, as their underwater home has been destroyed by pollution. The players must convince the jellyfish to work with them and find a suitable new home for them.

  3. An abandoned ship is found floating aimlessly in the water. Upon investigation, the players find ghost pirates haunting the ship.

  4. Strange, glowing orbs are floating on the surface of the water, beckoning the party to come closer. They are actually creatures known as will-o'-wisps, ready to lure the unsuspecting sailors into dangerous waters.

  5. A merchant ship approaches you. The merchant ship is selling goods. The merchant ship is selling really good goods.

  6. The players come across a group of sea dragons, known for their intelligence and magical abilities. The dragons are at war with each other, and the players must decide which side to help in order to continue their journey.

  7. The players encounter a group of smugglers attempting to transport illegal goods underwater. Things could turn hostile if the players interfere.

  8. You see a group of mermaids sitting on a rock, combing their hair and singing. They are actually sirens, luring sailors to their deaths. Make a saving throw to resist their enchanting song.

  9. A ship approaches, but it is made of wood, bone, and sinew instead of wood, nails, and wood glue. It bobs up and down in the water like a living creature, and the sailors on board are not worried about capsizing or pirates boarding them. The ship is a creation of a powerful sea god.

  10. The players come across a shipwreck and decide to explore it for treasure. However, the wreck is haunted by vengeful spirits and the players must fight to escape with their lives.

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