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D1 Random Ocean Encounters

  1. A group of merfolk are trying to harvest the rarest fish in the sea, but they're being hunted by a group of goblins who want to eat the fish themselves before they're caught and eaten by the merfolk themselves.

  2. The ship is approached by a ship flying a black flag. It is flying the flag of the Black Hand. It is carrying a large quantity of treasure and will attack the players’ vessel if they try to board it or stop it from leaving the zone.

  3. The party sees another ship sinking in the distance. As they approach, they see a giant octopus attacking it. The octopus is clinging to the side of the ship and trying to tear it apart. If the players help, they discover that the octopus wants to capture the ship and use it as a raft to escape its own sinking ship.

  4. A small ship approaches carrying several men in black robes. If a player approaches them, they will demand that they halt. The men in black robes are cultists of undeath and are here to collect an undead creature to bring back to their necromancer leader.

  5. A ship approaches the ship. It is no ordinary ship - it is a pirate ship. The ship is flying the banner of a pirate lord. It offers the party treasure, then attacks.

  6. A man approaches the party. He looks like a priest and is carrying a holy symbol. He's really a priest of a god of this area, and he's looking for new converts.

  7. A ship is caught in a whirlpool. The ship is sucked in, but the players escape. They find a beautiful woman on a nearby island. She is the daughter of a king in another land. She was trying to get to the ship to be rescued by her betrothed. She will fall in love with one of the players and marry him, thus giving him royalty as a wife.

  8. A ship is caught in a whirlpool. The ship is sucked in, but the players escape. They find an old man on a nearby island. He is an adventurer from another land who has been stranded on this island for years after being caught in a whirlpool. He will join the party and tell them about his adventures from years ago before he became stranded on this island after being caught in a whirlpool.

  9. A giant turtle swims by. It doesn't attack, but if players get too close, it will swim away.

  10. A mermaid princess appears on deck and asks for help with her problems. She asks the players to help her solve her problems, which are actually simple tasks such as fetching an item from her castle or finding a lost treasure. She is a gorgeous mermaid with long blonde hair, green eyes, and a sparkling tail that glows gently in the darkness of the ocean depths. After completing her tasks, she will reward the players with magic items and gold coins or gems worth 10d10x10 gold coins each.

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