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D1 Random Ocean Encounters

  1. A merchant ship approaches and offers to trade with the party. The merchant sells and buys anything. His name is Faran Belaroon, and he is looking for a ship to sail back home on, but he doesn't want to pay any more than he has too. He will offer to buy or sell anything. (He is actually an assassin looking for a cover story while he tries to find a way to kill the party without anyone noticing.)

  2. A merchant ship approaches the ship the players are on. It wants to trade with the players. It has magic items to trade.

  3. A group of men are sitting around a campfire, they are playing a game of dice. If players approach, they will ask them to join in on the game. They will cheat if players do not.

  4. You see a large ship. The ship is sinking. The ship is the 'Laughing Man' ship. The ship is a pirate ship. The pirates are still on the ship. They are trying to get off the ship. There is also a large squid attacking the ship.

  5. A group of merchants are traveling through a dangerous area. They will pay the players to protect them. They will offer 1d10 gold per day per player.

  6. The party encounters a ship containing hungry, oversized crabs. The ship sinks beneath the waves as the party sails away.

  7. A ship is caught in a whirlpool. The ship is sucked in and killed. Players rescue the only survivor of the crew, a handsome young man who is a prince of a nearby land. He will fall in love with one of the players, and she will become royalty.

  8. A group of living pearls are washed up on the beach nearby. They're about the size of large baseballs, and each one has a face carved into it with tentacles sticking out of its mouth, sticking up like hair.

  9. A ship has been wrecked. It is a ship with a flag of a kingdom or nation. The ship has not been looted. The ship is covered in blood. There are 2d6+6 skeletons on the ship, and they are fighting the sailors who are still alive.

  10. Lava creatures. A group of lava creatures intent on killing the players and stealing their stuff.

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