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D1 Random Ocean Encounters

  1. A ship approaches, flying the flag of a nearby kingdom. It is carrying an important personage - perhaps an ambassador, a prince, or a wizard. The ship is attacked by pirates. The pirates want to capture the ship and hold the important personage for ransom.

  2. The ship's lookout spots a giant sea creature in the distance.

  3. A giant sea turtle appears and challenges the players to a race. If they win, they will be rewarded with a magical charm that allows them to breathe underwater for a limited time. If they lose, the turtle will swallow their ship whole.

  4. A lost and confused sea turtle approaches the party, bearing a message from a powerful sea deity. The party must decipher the turtle's cryptic words and carry out the deity's request.

  5. A priestess of Eilistraee comes aboard and asks the party to help her save some captured Eilistraeean worshipers from being sold as slaves by a group of dark elves that are nearby on an island. She has a map to lead them to the island.

  6. An invisible stalker appears on board the ship. It attacks the party. The party discovers the invisible stalker when it ambushes them, suddenly changes form and attacks them. Ultimately, the invisible stalker is defeated. In its final moments, the invisible stalker says “Avenge me, I still live within you all.”

  7. The ship is attacked by a giant bird that is black with red eyes and a 10-foot wingspan. It screeches and pecks at the players while they're trying to fight it off.

  8. A ship approaches, flying a flag of truce. It is a ship of the Red Lantern pirates, and they are looking to hire a ship and a crew to replace their previous ship, which sunk in a storm recently. They will offer full shares to the first ship they encounter, if the captain will agree to a time-share contract where they share the captain's cabin during storms and other bad weather.

  9. A giant whale surfaces nearby. It is dying and begs for help. It says 'I'm not evil, please help me.' If players do anything to help it, it will give them a magic item, but it's cursed and will cause problems later on in the campaign.

  10. A group of sea nymphs appear and offer to help the party find a powerful magical artifact that has been stolen from them by a group of sea hags. The party must decide whether to help the nymphs and potentially earn their favor or leave them to deal with the hags themselves.

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