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D1 Random Ocean Encounters

  1. The ship captain is from a kingdom of seafaring traders who have good relations with the kingdom that rules the island where the party is from. He is glad to sail anywhere in the world that pays him.

  2. A ship approaches. It is sailing on the wind. The ship has a very high speed. It sails past the players' ship and performs a "high-speed" salutation in the water with an eagle flag.

  3. A ship approaches carrying a group of priests from a faraway land. They are on their way to bless a nearby temple. They are attacked by pirates.

  4. A ship approaches the ship. It looks like an old merchant ship, flying no flag and with no obvious cargo. The ship is full of old men and women, who look like they're on their way to the grave.

  5. The Captain says, "Sailors! We're being attacked by a sea monster! We need a distraction to save us!" You clap for the Captain because he's a clever fellow, and helps the players in a way that makes them feel useful to the party. 7

  6. A giant sea turtle appears--it is swimming next to the ship. A hole on one side of the turtle's shell is large enough for a fully armed man to crawl through.

  7. The ship stops, the captain says he wants to go fishing and will be back in a few hours.

  8. An abandoned ship floats in the ocean with its sails torn and mast broken. No one is on board this ship, but there are many bottles lying on the deck of the ship that are stamped with the name 'John' and 'Jack' on them, as well as a bottle with 'Jane' on it and one with 'Jill' on it. There are also two barrels labeled 'Johnny' and 'Jenny.'

  9. A group of merfolk approach the ship. They are a group of diplomats from another city in the sea. They will offer to trade with the players, saying they have rare sea pearls and rare fish that they have not had time to trade with anyone else because they are so far away from any other city. They will tell the players that one of the rare fish is actually a rare sea dragon egg that they cannot sell but want to give as a gift to a king because it is so rare and so beautiful. If players accept the egg, it will hatch into a baby sea dragon that can be named by the players. It will be extremely loyal to them from then on, even if it is raised by someone else.

  10. A ship floats in the distance. It is flying a skull and crossbones flag. The crew of the ship is dead, and the ship is jettisoning all of its ballast. It eventually goes to the bottom of the sea.

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