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D1 Random Ocean Encounters

  1. Two men approach the party and ask if they have seen any giant lizards or lizardmen in the area. They are treasure hunters seeking the treasure of an ancient lizardman king who is rumored to have built a hidden tomb somewhere in these waters.

  2. A pirate ship attacks the players' ship. The pirate ship is carrying a stolen treasure. The pirate captain wants to trade the treasure for the players' ship and their other possessions.

  3. A pirate ship approaches the ship the players are on. It is flying black sails with a skull and crossbones on it. It attacks the players by firing its cannons at them!

  4. A merchant ship approaches you. The merchant ship is selling goods. The merchant ship is selling magical items.

  5. A giant octopus attacks the ship!

  6. Two of the ship's crew are caught stealing items from the other crew members. The two thieves are the two masked swashbucklers who were seen talking to the captain.

  7. A merrow attacks the party's ship.

  8. A sailor is walking along the beach. He has been at sea for months and he is looking for people to talk to and tell his story to. The sailor has been at sea for months and he has not seen any land since he left the port. He has been at sea for so long that he can no longer remember where he has been or where he is going anymore. He has no idea that he is walking along a beach while thinking that he is still at sea.

  9. A ship approaches the ship. It is a ship flying a black flag. It is a pirate ship! It will attack the players’ vessel.

  10. The ship's lookout spots a giant sea creature in the distance. It is a giant octopus, and it has a merrow riding on its head!

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