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D4 Random Wasteland Encounters

  1. The party will see a young boy that is wearing a blue cape and is wearing a blue helmet. He will be riding a horse and he will be willing to talk to the party. His name is J. D. Dinkledink Jr. He is looking for his father, J. D. Dinkledink. He is willing to pay for information about his father.

  2. A massive sandstorm suddenly appears, making visibility and travel nearly impossible. The party must find shelter and wait out the storm, but they soon realize they are not alone as they hear howls and growls in the distance. If they can survive the night, they may uncover the source of the storm and put an end to it.

  3. The ground starts to shake. 2d6+3 percent of the rocks in the surrounding area fall from the mountain side and start to roll towards the party.

  4. You see a fog coming from the distance. The fog is moving closer. You notice that the fog is moving against the wind. As the fog grows closer, you see that it is a moving mass of fire. The fire mass is getting closer and closer. The fire mass is open minded and if attacked, it will fight back. It is seeking to burn down all the towns and forests nearby. It will attack anyone who gets in its way. As it gets closer, it becomes clear that it is a giant mass of fire and fire serpents. They are moving towards Crowthorne and they are looking to burn down all of Crowthorne as well.

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