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D4 Random Wasteland Encounters

  1. You encounter a small settlement that has been destroyed. The settlement was attacked by a large group of kobolds that have killed everyone in the settlement. The kobolds have set up camp in the settlement. They are using the destroyed homes as their own homes. There is 1d12+6 kobolds in total. They are armed with spears and slings.

  2. A scout, named Wycool, will see the party. Wycool is a member of a team of adventurers, who have been camping out in the wilderness near the town. They have been camping out because they have been hired to deliver a message to the people in town. Wycool will offer the party 50gp a day if they escort him to the city. If attacked, Wycool will summon four more scouts who will follow them to the city.

  3. A hungry 2 foot tall troll is standing at the top of a hill. He will wave his arms for the party to approach and share food with him, if food is provided. He will not attack. If the party is given no food the troll will ambush them from above. The party is attacked by 3d6 giant ants.

  4. The party encounters a rogue in the wild that is wandering around without a party. He is willing to join the party with food and treasure. He has no gold. If not provided with food and/or treasure he will fight the party. He has 7 hit points.

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