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AI-generated Fantasy Wasteland Encounter Ideas Table (Pathfinder and MERPs friendly!)

D4 Random Wasteland Encounters

  1. A group of lizard men who are riding around the area searching for a group of humans who have stolen something from them. They have 2d4+2 lizard men and have captured 3d4+3 humans, who are tied up and are being used as hostages.

  2. The characters meet an elderly woodcutter and his son. They inform the characters that the area is dangerous because of the number of rakshasai located in the area. They have been warned to avoid the area. The characters should be able to understand them (if the characters don't have the ability to understand the language, the characters should be able to share memories, and then they can understand the language).

  3. A small group of tentacle monsters are attacking a town. They attack anyone who gets in the way, since they aren't able to talk. The tentacle monsters are looking for something important to them. They are attacking the town because the town is close by where the items were stolen.

  4. Ragged human tribesmen. There are 2d6 tribesmen and 10d10+20 tribeswomen with them.

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