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D4 Random Wasteland Encounters

  1. O'ber, a male dwarf, is standing by the road looking for work as a heavy duty laborer. He is in extremely good physical shape. He has a great axe he is willing to sell for 10 gp that he says is magical. It's not, but it's well made.

  2. The party finds themselves in a strange land with huge trees and a purple sky. The trees have gigantic leaves and they look like they are made out of silver. There are a lot of strange animals and insects in the environment.

  3. You encounter a small settlement that has been destroyed. The settlement was attacked by a large group of kobolds that have killed everyone in the settlement. The kobolds have set up camp in the settlement. They are using the destroyed homes as their own homes. There is 1d12+6 kobolds in total. They are armed with spears and slings.

  4. A lone goblin sitting under a tree. He is smiling and chuckling to himself. The goblin will say to the party that he is sitting under a tree and it’s good to be alive. The goblin will ask the party what they were doing and ask how their day was. He's friendly and looking for work. His name is Snot-Gob.

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